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what size socket needed for gas tank skid bolts?

That would be 18mm. Use 1/2 inch drive. Bring a breaker bar (not a socket with a pipe). Pull the bumper (15mm bolts) where the bumper attaches to the brackets (if it has a hitch) or pull the bumper brackets from the body if there is not a hitch.

Once the bumper is off spray a lot of WD-40 down the frame rails onto the nut strips where the skid plate bolts attach. Pull off the exhaust hanger. Keep the hanger and the plate that hanger attaches to. Now that WD-40 has soaked in pull the bolts that hold the skid plate on.

Now take a chisel and hammer and cut off the rivet heads on the bottom of the frame rail. These hold the nut strips in. Now remove the nut strips.

If you are so lucky (if you dont have one) or unlucky (if you have one) to have a hitch on the rig the job just got a lot harder. Pulling the rear bumper is a pain with a hitch on. You need a 15mm socket and a fine tooth ratchet to reach up inside the bumper braket and free the bolts that hold the bumper on. BE PATIENT it can be done.