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What is used for lube on leafs?


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What are some things you all use to keep your leafs lubed? I have read about Slip coat good but $$, axle grease, those liners that are in the dakota leafs on the side of my house, anything else that works? I am building my own leaf pack this week.
WOW some one else lubes their spring pack, I thought I was the only one.

I used to use axle grease and that would last about 1-5 months, depending on the grime I ran them through. What really works and last for up to a year is the assembly lube with graphite in it. This stuff is the ----

if your tired of lubing em, take the leaves apart & paint them w/ a graphite based spray paint, i've heard it works..
JLane99XJ said:
if your tired of lubing em, take the leaves apart & paint them w/ a graphite based spray paint, i've heard it works..

This works great! For about 5 days!

Seriously, I probably spent 5 hours prepping the leaves before spraying them with a graphite paint from John Deere. Apparently I should have spent longer, because it sure didn't last.

If I had to do it again, I wouldnt even bother with the paint. What I would use again were new slip pads at the end of the leaves, and the old ones as spacers between the leaves in the center of the pack,around the pin. Worked great so far
I've never lubed my leafs before...but, what about 5th wheel grease? I've used it on trailer balls and such, and that stuff just doesn't wash away.
I think I am going to try and use the pads and end things that the Dakota springs came with and if I don't like that then I will change it later. Thanks to everyone.
jjvande said:
white lithium is great...they have it at Lowes in the garage door area. Sprays on liquid...dries out to a thick film.

thanks for the locate! I need to repack mine in a couple weeks. I'll pick sime up

I would not use grease or oil of any kind. Anything gooey like that will attract and hold dirt, and grit between spring leaves will act like an abrasive as the leaves rub against each other. Either use the professional pads and/or liners, or just leave them dry.