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Welding Galvanized


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So the fumes will make you sick, huh? What to do? I have a 2 3/16" pipe for my front "hugger" bumper and need to weld this galvanized. Should I just grind off the coating in all locations where I'll be welding to avoid the nasty gases?
From my understanding you have to take it down to bare metal everyplace that you're actually going to weld. If you don't you'll end up with an improper weld and the metal itself will not be joined together.
I'd grind off all the galvanization till you see bright shinny metal.
PIPE!!! your using pipe for a front bumper?
welding galv is not that bad depending on the process. if your stick welding it then you need a deep penitration electrode like 6010 or 6011. Tig won't work. Gas mig will be dificult. you have to turn up the heat and go a little slower to allow the coating ahead of the puddle to burn off. the best is flux core wire welding. it burns through the zinc the best. yes you can grind, but your grinder will load up with the softer zinc so be prepared to change discs often.
make sure you have good ventilation and keep your head to the side of the plum. with flux core you can have a fan right next to you blowing the plum away from your face.
good luck.
I have experienced metal poisening. it sucks. your whole body hurts badly. temp is high. its worse than being hung over. I have done lots of welding on galv. so let me re-phrase.
weld galv metal at your own risk!!!. use pleanty of fresh air to blow the plum away from you. do not hovor over the weld plum. wear a respirator. do not breath the plum. don't use galv metal... or even pipe...