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NE Indiana
Mark your calendar for Feb 8th, 2003. The official day for NAXJA at the Badlands Off-Road park in Attica, IN. There will be folks there from the 7th - 9th, however the official day for the event is the 8th. If you haven't been to the park before you can find out more info on the park at http://www.badlandsoffroad.com/

Otherwise for more info stay tuned to this forum...

mac 'praying for snow' gyvr

when you get some info together, drop me an email and I will put up a webpage. Anything would be good from camping info, who to contact, previous event info and so on (links to weather channel, camps and anything you can think off also would be good).

[email protected]

Can anyone with a cherokee attend this function or do you need to be an NAXJA member.
are you guys gonna be wheelin more than 1 day. im considering the 11hour drive, but not for 1 day of wheeling(id hate to do all of this bible beating/ xmas tree selling to wheel for one day).

Hunter, if you bring a bible there will be some beating going on :shock: I'll most likely be there from fri. night to Sun. late afternoon. Hell I might even wheel all day friday if I can get any of Troy's cohorts to come out and wheel their junk with me.

Digger, come on out and see what we're all about. Not only can anyone with a cherokee come, anyone with a 4x can come. You need to be a guest of a member though. You also need to abide by NAXJA's safety regulations.

I think I need to start gathering layers of clothing :(
How long of a drive do you think from NJ?I am kinda half thinking about going.I think I would trailer it out though.
go to mapquest.com and punch in attica, IN and they'll tell you how long of a drive it is. I don't know if I'd come all that way just to wheel at the badlands though. If you've got a fairly built pile of junk, you can play for a long time in the quarry. The trails are kind of short and tight, not that they aren't fun. It's nothing like Paragon if you've wheeled there.

Hey Sean,

If I flew out there would you have an extra seat for me?

Yes I mean in your Jeep.

You'll have to have the welder in your jeep if you want me to do any work! I don't think my cables would reach.

orgs mfg
I'd be more than happy to let you tool around in my junk with me. I don't know if I should be honored or scared with this request. You do realize it's crappy cold here in the Midwest in Feb. Oh yeah, if there's welding to be done, we go up to the nice warm shop and do it inside :wink: I suppose you'd need a ride to and from the airbus also. Hit me backchannel and we can talk.

Magoo117 wrote:

How long of a drive do you think from NJ?[/quote:c51ac30492]

Took me around 11 hours back in 2000. Depending on weather and construction along PA Tpke and I70, figure on 12 hours or so. IIRC, it was around 700 miles from Hunterdon County.

Figure on PA Tpke to New Stanton Exit, I70 to Indianapolis, and I65 or I74 to get close. Attica is nearly at the Illinois border - jct of US41 and IN28. No motels in town though - so, unless they've solved the camping issue, nearest beds are in Lafayette or Crawfordsville.

CHW was thinking of heading there in Feb, and I may be induced to return as well (if I can find washing machine collision coverage! :) ), so make sure you keep in touch with us.

BTW, IMHO - OneTon is right - while the Badlands is fun, it isn't Paragon or Rausch Creek either. To me, the biggest appeal (all kidding aside) is the chance to go wheeling with the MidWest guys.

Mike in NJ
wheelin..........in the cold

Depending on my days off that week (rotating days off), I will be there saturday and sunday at least, if time off allows I'll be there on friday all day as well. As said before, the official day of the event is the saturday, but there will be folks there the entire weekend.

Sean I'm pretty sure that if you ask nice troy's buds will come out and wheel with ya on one of those days, maybe take ya to the 'other' place as well...

As far a lodging there will be folks that camp in the cold. Those that want to hotel it, there is a hotel in Attica, as well as hotels in a couple of cities about 20 minutes away. Lafayette is a place were most folks usually get a hotel. Serveral people have had good luck staying at the Red Roof Inn, its in Lafayette, they usually have very good rates. If there is enough interest I could call and check on group rates as well.

mac 'open discussion' gyvr

I'll most likly be camping it this time around....if we can find a trailor to tow her with (last trailor got totaled). :(
I'll be camping in the bus again this year. Are we using the same campground this year as last? I know there were sooooo many other people there! LOL If we check earlier we may be able to have the electric left on so the tents can use elect. heaters.

Anything that you need me to do I will, like contact the campground and make those arrangements.

I'll be in Attica Thursday night late, so if anyone wants to wheel all day Friday let me know, I like the small groups.

Fore "I have a big avitar" Wheeler
[quote:aba4c99e9c="Hunter-Va"]are you guys gonna be wheelin more than 1 day. im considering the 11hour drive, but not for 1 day of wheeling(id hate to do all of this bible beating/ xmas tree selling to wheel for one day).

Hunter[/quote:aba4c99e9c] If your goping to go, I'll caravan with you. Don't know how far it is from NC but what the hell, I waste money on my truck, might as well use it. Hopefully my I will have recoved finacially from putting 8 (count them )8 new injectors in the ol' powerstroke, ford gets about 300 a piece for them. Anyway, I'll go and stay longer if your up for it. After 5 trips to telico and to many times to Uwharrie to count this year I'm ready to see something different.
camping same place

We'll be camping at the same spot we camped last year. I imagine that we'll probably be nearly the only group there again. I believe that the owner of campground has family that works at the Badlands, or at least they used to. We'll probably pay for camping at the Badlands like we did last year. We'll have the details as the time gets a little closer.

mac 'dont worry...there will be a cold spot on the ground to sleep' gyvr

I live near attica about 20miles or so from thier my inlaws own property right off of us41 10 mile or less from attica. we have a private camp ground there. It is one of those camp grounds where u need a 4x4 to get to. It is surounded by two creeks, big pine, and little pine and also lays in the center of about 800 achers or so of land. lots of old logging trails. If it wasn't so cold in Feb. I would let every one camp there. I go to bad lands when ever i get the chance. I have a s10 I tear up there all though the last time i went it was retired. I blew the front diff out. It has a new 700r4 trans and 4.3l if anyone is interested. I have a 96 xj I drive every day. I just bought a RE 4.5 superflex. yesterday. I hope it arrives before next weekend so i can get it installed before it snows here. I've never wheeled in it at badlands mainly becuase that place is hard on stockers lol. I also have a 86 camanchee i resently aquierd. I'm going to make it my new badlands toy.It needs a new transfer case only has low lock. the tag says its a np261 anyone ever heard of it. I work at a chrysler dealer and looked one up here all they list is a207 219 208,229 if any one knows anything about it let me know. Well that enough of a book for now. if any one has any ? about attica area E-MAIL ME [email protected]
Well, I am planning on coming early Saturday morning, then will probably go back home Saturday evening. I will be bringing my brother as a guest, with his 93 YJ (Landy's old Jeep, for those who know Nate and his girlfriend). He is locked, and winch equipped, and not afraid of the skinny pedal, or much else for that matter. Just have to get mine all prepped, and ready. Looking forward to running with you guys. Have been wanting to go for the past two years, just hasn't been in the cards. I am trying to make it work this time around.
Hope to see you guys there!
Aprils Jeep....

I can't wait to see that Jeep wheelin again, it was a lot of fun while she had it...

mac 'april will be at winterfest in her XJ!' gyvr