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weird thing happens with my gauges.


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Richmond VA
This happens every once in a while...not very often at all maybe once every few months. But anyways.. i'll be driving then all of a sudden my Speedometer will drop to zero, my RPMs will drop to zero, the Airbag light comes on, and the odometer reads "no bus". nothing feels different when this happens. its weird. anybody know what this means and why it happens?

stock 2001 sport
auto tranny
its a loose connection behind the cluster. I had it happen and I took the dash apart cleaned the connection and put it back together all has been well. When it happens again just smack the dash a few different ways and viola they will be working again good luck
Same thing happens to my 98. The only thing that is different is that the cluster, control head and all other interior lights went out. My thinking is that the loose connection created some extra resistance and it popped the fuse. Anyone else have these symptoms?
Also check the braided ground strap that goes from the firewall to the engine block. Make sure the connections are tight and that the braid has not deteriorated.