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another No Bus and faulty instrument cluster thread...


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Hi all,

2001 Jeep XJ 4.0. Jeep starts and runs wonderfully, but the instrument cluster gauges are not moving at all. After running for 15-30 seconds a no bus code appears on the odometer.

I have removed the cluster, cleaned the female connectors with electronic cleaner, cleaned the male connectors with sandpaper and bending the pins slightly for a tighter fit. After that I did some hitting and general cursing.

My instrument cluster successfully passed the Instrument Cluster Actuator Test (pressing the trip button on the cluster and then starting the car).

I followed the directions to test the CCD Bus from here, post #14. All the voltage and ohms were within normal specs. I am not to savvy on electrical, but it seems to me that this means there is something wrong not with a sensor or the instrument cluster itself but a ground or something?

I removed and unplugged my aftermarket radio, did nothing.

I checked and changed fuse #9 in the Junction Block and fuse #9 in the JB (per post #4 here.)

I thoroughly cleaned all relevant grounds in the engine bay, including G101 and G100.

Any ideas? Basically the only thing I can think of doing now is getting a new cluster, but I really don't want to because I don't want to go through the trouble of going to a dealership and getting the old mileage put on the new cluster. I am hoping someone has some insight into my issue.