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Water leak... inside


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Why do I have a leak inside my JEEP, on the passenger side? I have been driving around all day with my A/C on, the only diffrence from the day before is that I fixed, sortof, a break in my vacum line with a junction. Any help would great, Thanx
The A/C evaporator above the passenger footwell condenses a lot of moisture out of the air.

There's a rubber hose (about 3/4" diameter) that drains this condensate thru the firewall to drip onto the roadway.
If the hose is disconnected, it'll drip inside.
If the hose is plugged (with mold or leaves or junk from the lower drip point), the condensate basin in the evaporator housing will overflow onto the passenger floor.

Find and fix the problem, then dry out the carpeting and mat before rust or mold set in.
I have this same problem but cannot figure out how or where I'm supposed to unclog the hose. It's leaking through a foam/rubber flange that goes from one side of the firewall to the other. Any help or pictures would be appreciated?
I had that problem on my '93, long before these forums.... Unable to figure it out, the problem kept going on for about a year before I figured out the evaporator drain was blocked. It was puddling in the back seat at one point, flowing under the carpet and coming out a seam in back of the passenger seat.

By the time it was fixed, mildew had set in, and I wound up having to remove all the carpet padding on the passenger side, including the back seat.
If you crawl underneath from the passenger side it's right above the starter behind the vacuum canister. It's easy to unstop I used an air hose to blow mine out.
rkbonds said:
If you crawl underneath from the passenger side it's right above the starter behind the vacuum canister. It's easy to unstop I used an air hose to blow mine out.

X2m the hole is on the firewall about midway up, on pax side, compressed air or a SOFT piece of zip tie, do not use wire hander or it may punch a hole in the evaporator coils!
Ok, so I access from inside the jeep on the passenger side. I've figured out where the tube allegedly comes through at but can't figure out how I'm supposed to blow air in there or stick anything in there. Is there some way the tube comes out? I found a recall webpage that talks about the dealer drilling a hole through the hard plastic to unplug the tube and then stopping it up. I don't really want to have to resort to that.
My daughter thought she found where to push the zip tie in to and did so but the water is still leaking. It doesn't start leaking until after the a/c has run for about 15 minutes or so. I'm getting the caulking gun ready just in case no one comes up with any suggestions. :)
Ok, just so you will all know -- it's easier to find and unclog a tube that is actually there. ;) After moving the evaporative canister so I could actually see what tubes/holes were behind there, I found that the alleged clogged tube was not even there. So my problem was while running the a/c and travelling on the freeway, the fan was blowing the water back inside. I believe I have now fixed the problem by buying a piece of rubber hose and adhering it inside the opening. :)

I'll let you know if that doesn't work as I'll have my carpet pulled up for awhile so I can fix the rusted bottom. :(