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Wanted: Aqua Pearl Fender


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Everett, WA
I know this is probably a long shot: I have been searching for parts for about 3 or 4 years now to repair a fender bender (literally) on my XJ. The accident damaged the drivers fender, the header panel, and a few other plastic parts in that area. I found some cheap replacement parts to get by but have been on the hunt for color-correct parts ever since. The fitment on those cheap fenders is poor at-best.

I have a '95 in the 'Aqua Pearl' paint, which I believe is a 1-year color. At this point, I have tracked down everything except for the fender. Anyone have a fender sitting around?



Good idea; I had looked there once before, will have to check again! Would be better if they all had pictures to check the color. I've seen it called both blue and green so without a picture, who knows if it's even the right color