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Best after market body parts


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I recently bought a 1995 Cherokee XJ 2 door , it had some front end damage and I went threw a local parts place and bought a new fender front clip and hood . My problem is the fender is a bit smaller than the factory one , it has a small gap at the pillar near the front window frame , and its not as long in the front and causes the gap on one side near the front clip to be smaller than the other side . There are a few different places that have fenders for sale and sometimes shipping is super high but my question is would it be better to wait to finally find a decent fender in a pull it place or is there a proffered vendor/sight that has good after market parts ? The front clip was cheap plastic so I ended up getting some various front end parts and a slightly damaged front clip figuring id fix it up , my question for the front clip is are there fiberglass aftermarket ones that are close to OEM or if I fix this one what is the best option for fixing the mounting bolts that are broken on the top edge of the front clip ? I thought about some kind of gig to position bolts and gluing them to the clip in place and maybe build up around them with 2 part epoxy ? But honestly I am not sure.
Most aftermarket body parts are Chineseium crap. Parts that have I-Car certification often fit better. You can try Certifit.com or Sherman Auto Parts.

I have never found any aftermarket XJ parts that are as good as the factory original parts. The front grille surrounds are almost always poorly molded plastic instead of the fiberglass like originals. I would wait for good condition original parts. All 5 of the XJ wrecks I have fixed and resold were done with used genuine Jeep parts.

See www.car-part.com also.


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I dont recall the actual source but these parts fit great!
I bought mine off a young couple with super low miles.