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WA: 31" BFG AT's for sale

Sean B

NAXJA Forum User
Duvall, Wa
I got a set of 4 - 31x10.5" BFG all terrains on stock 10 spoke '89 cherokee wheels (15x7) for sale. I've only put between 3-4 thousand miles on the tires, they still look new. I'm only selling them cuz I'm upgrading to 33's. I've been very happy with the tires on and off road. Just the tires would go for well over $400 new, so I'll let the tires and rims go for $350, or $300 for just the tires. I'm in the Seattle area and would prefer not to ship.
ok I really want to sell these soon, so the price is now $250 for just the tires and $300 for rims/tires. That is the lowest I'm willing to go.

ok it doesn't seem like anyone local wants these at the moment, so the first $320 shipped gets the tires, $370 shipped for wheels/tires


ok...how much to ship to san antonio texas??...are they the new k-o design or the old style???....Len
cool..!!..do ya take paypal or what do i need to do to get them??.......Len
lol..sorry...didn't get your p/m..lol..where do i get that at???....i do have yahooo mess or aol mess...my name is txlen on yahoo.. and salen1 on aol.....or e-mail me at [email protected]..ok???...Len