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Vibration Damper?


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In the islands
It start walking away,...towards the radiator. At 350,000+ miles it deserves a good resting place. Still usable but I would like to replace it this weekend with a good quality replacement.

I could get one through Amazon using my prime membership. I also need some other Jeep stuff from Amazon so this will be a good time to place an order. Is there a particular brand I should be looking at? What are you guys recommendation?
I got mine at Napa it was a reboxed Dorman product no complaints.
I don't think there is much difference to be had in these. And there isn't really a lot going on with them. They are a pretty simple part.

Do make sure you seal them up properly. I recently notice that mine (installed a couple years back) has managed to develop a small leak out the center. Not leaking at the seal in the timing cover, but rather coming out the center of the dampener, so along the crank, probably out the keyway.
I installed a NAPA this last time. I think $50. Probably hard to go wrong, with anything. I have a Performance Products ones. About $100. One installed, the other going on a Stroker motor. Replace ASAP. I did have one go bad, and didn't catch it. Though it was other stuff. Wipped out the crank thrust bearing surface.