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911: AC Panel Replacement, Coolant lines, Questions?


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Parker, Colorado
I got a radiator with an integrated AC Condenser panel, a long time ago from radiatorbarn.com - it's time to replace it.

1. when I disconnect the current AC Panel from the coolant, does that mean I'll have to repressurize the AC system? I cannot find many videos or write-ups on this and the two (Quality: 360p) videos out there show repressurizing the system.

2. How the hell do I disconnect these coolant lines to the condenser panel? I have Fuel/AC line wrenches but they're really on there. Is it better to replace them new?

3. draining the radiator, unhooking it, and replacing it is all I'm good for. Am I gonna be able to repressurize this?

4. I'm a new dad, I'm exhausted, I took off work to fix this shit but after seeing all this I am regretting not pushing this off on the Mechanic. Should I Give up and save my sanity?

Your help is really appreciated by me - thank you :eeks1:
Are you sure that your not talking about the transmission cooler lines? I have never seen or heard of a combo radiator/condenser coil?
I am not sure, but I was watching This video and this video which are the same connection I see to the AC Condenser Panel which is in front of my radiator. Here is a Picture:
Those are your refridgerant lines, and first you must evacuate and recover your existing charge, then you can release the fittings. Yes you will have to recharge the system.
BTW, it doesn't sound like you have the tooling to do this so it should be taken to a professional!