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notorious DUG

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Got my MJ running like a top today. Starts and runs like a normal car now almost! Fancy, ultra uncommon starter cost an arm and aleg but I'll get over it. Also added a larger LP converter so I will no longer be freezing my old model J solid trying to supply enough fuel to my motor. Now with a correctly sized fuel system I can idle down to almost nothing and it make great, smooth power.

Lessons learned:

1. 300 HP is loud with the head pipe open and the holes in the floor open.

2. In my nieghborhood the time it take a open exhaust SBC to reach operating temp with open exhaust is almost the same as the time it takes the police to show up.

3. You shoudl use two people to put the hood on a XJ/MJ otherwise you can break the windsheild :mad:

4. Even on dry pavement, with a spool, from a roll I can do really, really cool burners.

Now it is time to start scrouning for axles, I don;t think the D35 will hold what I make for power.
Scott Mac. said:
Define normal.

Ummmm, loud, big lumpy idle, huge power........

That is normal right?

What I don't get is this....I would love ot have a nieghbor lik em, why don;t my nieghbors love to have a nieghbor like me?
Dude, I put my hood on by myself, 88XJ.
No problem.

Im nmot a big guy either.