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Upper Shock Bolt Broke, My Solution


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Only ONE of the 4 uppers broke. Yay for me. The first thing I tried was to pound off the nut with a punch and hammer. After a few wacks I desided that wasnt going to work.
Plan B: Cut a hole in the floor and get at it from there:
1)Measured 35inches from bumper to bolt
2)Cut a square out of the floor from that measurment
3)Couldnt twist the stud out with a pair of Vice Grips. So I Mapp Gased the nut. The stud broke loose and slowly but surely it came out.
4)Patch hole[still needs to be done but I'll to that later]

Square cut out:

the stud is laying by the lower right of the square
New Bolt from JKS BPE:


Thats all that it took.
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Well done.
I HATE drilling bolts out. This was hella easier...
p.s. Switch the two lines between the first and second picture. I moved the pictures to another address and didnt edit the text. Oops
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