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I have a 1995 4.0 liter XJ that I want to put the upcountry springs on (front coils and rear leafs with the bump extenders). The local dealer can't give me the parts with out the parts numbers or the VIN off of an XJ (of similar year) that came with the Upcountry option. Can anybody help me out with either the parts numbers or the VIN of a similar year vehicle that came with the Upcountry option?

Also, will the new springs mount without problems or are there other parts/worries that I will face once I begin. Any help or advice would be great.


The front coils for a 2000 Sport with UC are 52088104 and 52088105. I have a pair of the UC leaves out in the shed but don't have the p/n written down. If someone else doesn't come up with it I can go out and do a mini-dig to get the numbers off the spring pack.

All XJs will accept all springs. No problems in that regard -- just be certain to start soaking all bolts with PB Blaster a week or so before you start the work.
Thanks for the info and the effort. I really appreciate it. I looked over the early discussion on upcountry springs, do you know if the vibration is a problem with the 1995 model (in other words, is the transfer case etc. the same on mine as it is on the new models, which suffer from vibration).

The new transfer case output design made its ignominious debut in model year 1996. You should be good for at least 3" without any problem.

Was the first page i pulled from my file- For my '98 XJ i got these and they worked perfectly, not sure as to the year:

52000504 BUSHING S 205A

You will need two of each of those numbers. The springs do not come with the bushings so will have to be pressed into the ends. The front springs i used were ZJ 5.9's from a junkyard. Saved more than 1/2 new cost. Worked perfectly. Is said UC XJ front springs are ZJ std springs but not sure if these are the specific ones used or not. They were both the same P/N but do not rem what it was. Balanced out perfectly. At least 2" lift and way more control with increased stiffness.

No vibes even with the supposed worse combination- 5-spd and 8.25. Not even with rear shocks aired to over 3" lift....so it can be done successfully. Go for it-

Thanks for all of the info. I can't wait to get the new springs on my jeep. With these springs will I be able to run 30x9.50r15 tires with a fairly agressive tread? That is my goal. Does anybody have a p/n for the bump stop extenders that came with the Upcountry option or do I need to worry about them?

Again, thanks for all your help.

Not without some rubbing-

Is said 235's are the largest you can go even with UC small lift. From what i have gathered 1.5" is the typical overall lift with reg UC springs, although i seemed to have gained a full 2". Maybe those ZJ front springs i used, although no longer with a side-by-side comparison but with a substantial wire diameter increase, allowed a little more lift? I tend to keep about 30 psi in the rear shocks for approx 1/2" lift or to equally balance to the front- is hard to tell. Need at least 3" to assure no rubbing with 9.50's. I did not change to the UC shocks, or even remove the rear swaybar because i like the stability with this XJ occasionally seriously loaded for 2200 miles and 80 mph at a time. I am thinking of while i am here in Utah i may disconnect that swaybar though cause i can see some trail handling improvement. Was not aware of the extended bumpstops and not sure they are required. Thought i'd use this suspension with the regular shocks up front and the airs in the rear to see the overall performance- i like it and am going to keep it this way. Have heard of such performance differences, roughness and all, from aftermarket and do not want this anymore stiff than it is now.
The Up Country doesn't come with bump stop "extenders" -- it comes with taller rear bump stops. Have your dealer parts guy look on his computer. It should show 4 heights, and probably won't tell him what size is used on what vehicle. My 2000 with Up Country has the tallest. Oddly enough, they were cheaper than the standard height so when I replaced the remains of the old ones on the '88 I went with the tall guys.

I have both a 90 and 92 XJ with standard suspension. I bought BF Goodrich AT 30x9.5x15. They fit fine on both rigs. The 90 has a little interference with left hand lock with the LCA, but not enough for action.

The rub is always on the drivers LCA no matter which year through at least 96. It is dependent on how the factory adjusted the steering stop (passenger side).

A two inch lift will look good. I plan on doing a 2" BB for my DD.
I also have 30x9.50x15 BFG's on my 94 with no lift and absolutly no rub. I posted a question in here a couple days ago about how to find out if I have an up country suspension but no one could give me an answer.Yet my 94 does sit up higher than most I have seen around here (stock that is).