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Trip Keeps Resetting

Mr. Roboto

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Every time I turn my 99 XJ off, the trip resets to 0. I'm assuming that this information is stored in the cluster, and that the cluster is not getting a constant 12V supply when the Jeep is off.

When I first got the Jeep, it had been sitting, and the mice got into the wiring. I stripped the interior, headliner, kick panels, glove box, most of the dash etc and repaired several chewed wires. My IOD circuit is now operational and has not blown a fuse since I made the repairs. My dome lights work, vanity lights, radio settings retained ect. The last lingering issue is this trip memory retention.

Does the cluster in fact get supplied with a constant 12V? If so, which pin is it? I attached the wiring diagram for the cluster connectors, but none of them are explicitly labeled constant 12V. I figure that if it is supposed to receive a constant 12V, it will be easier for me to just splice a new wire to that pin than chasing down the actual issue.

Thank you!

Pin 9 on C1 is B+ (constant battery). It's fuse 16, a 15a fuse in the PDC

Thank you! That fuse is good, so there must be a break in between there and the cluster. I will check for constant 12 on that pin behind the cluster. Thanks again for your help.
That’s the IOD fuse right? Trying to remember off the top of my head... but if so, yes. And everything else on the IOD circuit is getting power as well.
:)Probably is the IOD. It doesn't seem to be labeled as such, but it's all the accessories that can kill a battery during shipment.

Check the junction block behind the passenger kick panel. It's probe to corrosion from a leaky windshield/antenna wiring/wiper cowl.


(not sure why I can't post pictures)

There had been an alarm installed in this thing at some point. A rather poorly installed alarm at that. It was already removed when I got it, but the evidence remained. This photo is under the steering column, behind the knee panel. If you look at the bottom right of the large connector block on the right of this image, you will see a pink wire hanging there. I tested it, and it was live +12V with the key off. What used to be connected here is now spliced into that white wire, which is tapped into the blue wire in the split open harness. Why, I am not sure. Don't know what that blue wire is, but I removed it, spliced the pink wire back together, and the trip meter now works!

Well done!!

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