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01 XJ Remote Start Questions


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Hoping someone here can help. I seem to have bought the most complex remote start you can find for something as simple as a 2001 XJ Classic. There seem to be 43 different connection options and looking at the12volt forums discussion on this 2001, there's only a maximum of about 18 wires that would be used. I'll post the same thing here I posted there with no success there. I've got very basic wiring experience, nothing audio/automotive related though.

It's a Viper 5806V and here is everything in bold that it has listed for the different harnesses and my thoughts beside them at first glance. Hoping perhaps someone has experienced installing one of these, or even better chance that maybe I find someone who installs these for their job. I would have it installed locally, but no one installs them near me. The closest one is about 75 miles and the cost for this remote start + install is over $600.

Main Harness, 6-pin connector

Red (+) 12VDC Constant Input - Should be: Constant +12 Volts: RED OR PINK/BLACK IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS?
Black (-) Chassis Ground - I don't see a ground in the harness, (again I'm a noob), I would assume I just ground it to the frame?
Brown (+) Siren Output - I would imagine this connects to the Siren that was included, "Directed 514L Soft-Chirp Siren", though I'm assuming it's either the red wire and the black would be grounded? There are only two wires coming out of this thing
White/Brown Parking Light Isolation Wire - #87A N/C of onboard relay - I don't see anything on the diagram about an isolation wire
White Parking Light Output - #30 Common of onboard relay - Parking Lights: BLACK / YELLOW AT HEADLIGHT SWITCH?
Orange (-) 500mA GWA (Ground When Armed Output) - Again.. I'm confused

Door Lock, 3-pin connector

Blue (-) 500mA Unlock Output - Power Unlock: PINK/VIOLET (+) LOCATED IN DRIVER'S KICK PANEL *
Green (-) 500mA Lock Output - Power Lock: ORANGE / VIOLET (+) LOCATED IN DRIVER'S KICK PANEL *

Auxiliary/Shutdown/Trigger Harness, 24-pin connector

Pink/White (-) 200mA Ignition 2 - Flex Relay Output - Ignition #2: BLACK/ ORANGE IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS??
Blue/White (-) 200mA 2nd Status/Rear Defogger Output - Unused?
Red/White (-) 200mA Trunk Release Output - Trunk Release: PINK/BLACK (+) (LIFTGATE UNLOCK)??
Black/Yellow (-) 200mA Dome Light Output - Dome Lights/Superv: YELLOW (-) AT ANY PIN SWITCH
Dark Blue (-) 200mA Status Output - Unused?
White/Black (-) 200mA Aux 3 Output - Unused?
White/Violet (-) 200mA Aux 1 Output - Unused?
Orange/Black (-) 200mA Aux 4 Output - Unused?
Gray (-) Hood Pin Input (N/C or N/O) - Unused?
Blue (-) Trunk Pin/Instant Trigger Input (N/C or N/O) - Unused?
White/Blue Activation Input - Unused?
Violet/White* Tachometer Input - Tach Signal: GRAY AT COIL ON PASSENGER SIDE OF ENGINE (* Notes required for manual transmission - is there any reason to mess with this wire if it's an automatic?)
Black/White** (-) Parking/E-Brake Input - I would imagine this is wired directly to the parking brake somehow, any notes on this?
Green/Black (-) 200mA Factory Alarm Disarm Output - OEM Alarm Disarm: VIOLET / YELLOW (-) DRIVER'S KICK PANEL
Green* (-) Door Input - Also labeled as manual transmission requirement - do I need?
Brown/Black (-) 200mA Horn Honk Output - OEM Horn: BLACK/ RED (-) STEERING COLUMN HARNESS??
Pink (-) 200mA Ignition 1 Output - ?
Violet* (+) Door Input - Again, manual transmission? Do I need this?
Violet/Black (-) 200mA Aux 2 Output - ?
Brown (+) Brake Shutdown Input - ?
Violet/Yellow (-) 200mA Starter Output - ?
Gray/Black (-) Diesel Wait To Start Input - Easy to guess that this one isn't applicable
Orange (-) 200mA Accessory Output - ?
Green/White (-) 200mA Factory Alarm Arm Output - OEM Alarm Arm: ARMS WHEN DOORS ARE LOCKED WITH DR. DOOR OPEN

Remote Start, 10-pin heavy gauge connector
No Connection
Red/Black (+) Fused 12V Accessory/Starter Input - Accessory: BLACK/ WHITE IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS??
Pink/Black (+) Flex Relay Input #87A N/C* key side of flex relay (if required) - Unused?
Pink/White (+) Ignition 2 / - #30 Common of flex relay - Ignition #2: BLACK/ ORANGE IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS??
Red (+) Fused 12V Ignition 1 Input - Ignition +12 Volts: D BLUE IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS??
Green (+) Starter Input (Key side of the failsafe starter disable) - Not sure what it means by failsafe starter disable
Violet (+) Starter Output (Car side of the failsafe starter disable) - Same as above
Orange (+) Accessory Output - Not sure if this should be the black/white as listed above, I only found one accessory noted. Which would be input/output?
Red/White (+) Fused 12V Input, Ignition 2 - #87 N/O* - Flex Relay Input - Ignition #2 was used above, now I'm getting more and more confused
Pink (+) Ignition 1 Input/Output - Ignition 1 was used above as well.. this is harder than it looks

Sorry - you guys probably aren't used to getting someone as much of a noob as me. I'm trying to learn but I think I'm in way over my head..