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transfer case cracks,


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..have developed many worrisome looking cracks on my transfer case after this weekend and was wondering what my options are in these economically stressful times . I was advised earlier to try and use some of that JB Weld stuff on the aluminum transfer case as a temporary fix ,but now I'm back home and had some time to do some closer viewing and it either looks like a completely new transfer case is in order or maybe some serious TIG welding will have to be done .I'm curious as to what anyone here at the NAXJA forum has done as a solution to this or a similar problem and what their experience has been.-TIA
..this is either the second or third used transfer case in about three or four years ,I forget which, so I'm thinking just a new case and keep all my inards intact or try and finagle my way into someone's good graces who has a TIG setup for aluminum. Cost and durability at this particular point are paramount.-BILLXJ
I initially thought that I only had one or two cracks of about six or eight inches long, but after closer examination there is another on the other halve of the transfer case and a stronger transfer case is beginning to sound like something that might be in the cards for this XJ. Anybody have any idea what a stronger case is going for lately ?
.. cheap foreign digital camera gone broke unfortunely but will be looking at the prospect that a too long a driveshaft could be causeing transfer case cracks. Also on the urgent agenda tonight first thing tommorow I'll attempt to see about the TIG welding option as another cost-effiecent means to close up these cracks.
I pushed the front drop clen off my t-case a couple years ago.....

aint that a bitch?

sagging lift, and a driveshaft measured for tons of droop on a front buggy set-up, and not enough stuff was the recipe for disaster.......