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Quick question on transfer case lever


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Ok - silly question here. But I'm trying to reassemble my shift lever area on my 1991 5 speed. I just had a shop put in a new clutch, and its all apart. The light for the transfer case lever position indicator is just dangling off to the side. I for the life of me cannot figure out where it goes by the lever. Been searching for an hour for a pic or vid or post but no luck. I'm not sure if a bracket or something is missing now but I don't see how it attaches. I assume the bulb unit attaches directly to the lever, underneath the metal bracket. But I'm lost as to how or where. Any tips greatly appreciated, lol

This help? You sure it's not the light for the transmission shifter you're looking at?

Oh wow man ok got it. That side piece/tray part of the plastic shifter cover there where the bulb screws in completely broken off on mine. I see the screw hole there too, hence the hole in the bracket beneath. Its snapped off so clean it looks like it was never there. THANK YOU. I need to get a new cover. Hopefully there are new ones or I'll hit the junkyards. I'm assuming I need to find a 5-speed one though, not ez...

that was helpful.. thx!!
The center console bases are the same between automatic and manual. It's just the bezel piece that snaps in around the trans shifter that changes. 1987-1993 XJs are interchangeable.

Comanches swap as well, with the minor difference being the ash tray on the back side. I have the full length XJ center console in my MJ that started with a bench seat and the small console.
thx Lawsoncl- ya ok I see, just that middle insert is different. I have that. Just need the big piece that the inserts snap into. Not much out there.. seem like someone should be making a new one. I'll hit the (few) yards around here I guess..