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Trailer Towing - Stress on Aftermarket Components?


NAXJA Forum User
Acworth, GA
For those of you who trailer tow and strap your XJ down by the axles, have you had any issues with UCA, LCA or other bushings/components being stressed from being pulled from opposite directions? I was planning on using the shackles on my front and rear bumpers, then using the tow slots in the frame rail to tie my XJ to the trailer. But I've been told that using the axles is a better way to go. I have Rusty's control arms and rear spring packs and I was just concerned about the rubber bushings being able to take this non-standard strain.

Don't know the cost involved, but my suggestion would be to go with the j-hooks in the frame rails. It is the recommended tow setup in the owners manual with a flat bed towtruck. seems like it would be the least stress. Talk to a wrecker service and see what it would cost to set up a flatbed trailer with similar tow equip. Big chains with j-hooks on them that attach to the trailer.
we run a strap around each axle, haven't noticed any issues yet. The only other way I'd do it would be to run tire straps.