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tire trade


NAXJA Forum User
Manchester, NH
is anyone interested in trading a set of 31" mechelin or bfg radial long trail tires that get good gasmileage with good tread life and condition for a set of 31" hercules terra trac a/w tires with 90% tread life left?

i need summer tires that will get better gasmileage then my other tires b/c i will be doing alot of hwy driving this summer. i have my extra set of thires, ( the above listed) in my garage in brand new condition with no plugs, or scrapes or rash.
Interested. I have a set of 4 235/75 15 Sigma (29") tires on my 99 with the nubs still on them. Can you please send pics of yours to:

[email protected]

I can get a picture of mine later today.