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Throttle body butterfly shaft bushings wore?


NAXJA Member
I'm having a high idle problem and trying to rule out the usual suspects and noticed the throttle shaft has a little side to side play.
Anyone ever have to mess with rebushing the t-body like they do a carb. butterfly?

could vacuum be leaking slightly thru the shaft bushing? 89 renix
I have replaced the o rings. I used Viton ones. I think I have some polyfloride ones too. I did not offset the bushing with the orings. Neat ways though and will try it. I used Oring picks. I also cleaned out the bearing. There was brown dust in most of them. I also used a green grease in there. Bored them straight, so 60mm. I also chamfered the edge of the throttle plate. Also, edge breaked the IAC valve rectangular port slots.
Sprayed with carb cleaner and no change, put my old TPS back on and all is good.
Thanks guys