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This is just a thought!

Georgia Mike

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Hey gang! I just wanted to get some input on something. As we all know,the holidays are fast approaching,and with that,free time to go 'wheeling sometimes gets lost somewhere in between shopping and family.What is your input on holding off planned rides until the holiday season is over? We could resume in January,and have a big(for us,anyway)event to kick off the new year! I'm not looking to get flamed for this post,just looking for input,that's all. I,for one,will have my XJ down for a couple of weeks in Dec. for the rear axle swap/front R&P change,and I'm sure others are planning upgrades as well. Honestly,what do you guys think about it?
I for one will not be able to ride again till the first of the year way to many things going...hopefully we can have another work day in Dec but if not thats okay...By the way more parts came in today...LOL

:wink: :wink:

Uwharrie is closing for the season in a month or so, and I'll try to stir somenting up with the NC locals before then...of course anyone is welcome to show up & ride. It's usually a LOT tamer than what we ran last weekend - unless it rains/sleets/snows like it did closing day two years ago 8) then it's up a rung or 2 on the fun-scale.

FWIW Hunter from VA mentioned interest in a New Years Ride at Tellico...anyone else into that?

I plan some limited down time shortly after Uwharrie closes (maybe sooner) for the tcase replacement and axle install, but I don't see that being more than a weekend.
I hate to wait that long since I missed the Tellico ride due to some slight misfortune but I'm sure I can keep myself entertained around here until the first of the year. I might make a trip to Uwharrie if I can crash at my cousins house. How far is Raliegh from Uwharrie? I don't know about a New Year's ride, my girlfriend wouldn't like that too much I'm thinking. How about Summertown in early January? We had about 8-10 XJ's there around that time last year and we had a ball. Just a thought. I agree we should get something big together if we're going to wait that long. I'm up for another work weekend in Dec. as long as I have my x-mas shopping done.
yeah im right there with ya woody. my wheeling is being set aside until i can get some things done. it looks like after i get this too-long axle swap done i will be rebuilding the t case. i cant wheel until the both of these get done. i guess i have 60 days, we'll see what happens.