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TC stud bolts


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Is there an easy way to get it out so that I could put it the drop kit? If I twist it real....hard, would I not break the nut on the interior frame?? Does everyone encounter same issue when doing a TC drop?

Is it also true that it was just placed by production for alignment during installation. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
I got mine out of my 97 with pb breaker and vice grips. I didn't break the nuts loose. You might look at autozone or somwhere that loans tools they make a tool for pulling studs.
Good luck
You can use two nuts on the studs ... thread them both on and then back off (loosen) the top one (the one toward the open end of the stud) until it locks with the one underneath. Continue turning that one and the stud will back out.
Thanks guys.

I tried the two nuts scenario and stud bolt is just too stubborn to remove, I just destroyed the thread of the bolt.:(

Will try other ways to remove the bolt. No silly bolts gonna stop me.:mad:
I tried the two nut idea, no success here! My Mechanic suggested to disconnect the battery as a precaution to save the computer. Then weld the nut on the stud and back it out. I'll let you know how it goes! Happy trails, in the driveway!