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T-case chatter


NAXJA Forum User
Lake Orion, MI
I've got some chatter when I take off till about 5-10 mph then it goes away. It sounds like it might be coming from the tranny or the t-case right below the shifter. It also does it when climbing steep hills. Does anyone have a clue what this might be? Thanks ya'll
That is more than likley a loose T-case shifter linkage. There was acutally a TSB about it. Thier fix was a new bushing but there is a cheap fix since the TSB isn't free if you take it to Jeep. YOu can use a ziptie. I have it to it's mainly just annoying. I've found that if you just give the T-case lever a slight pull witout actually shifting it will make the sound go away.
It's a 4.0L with the automatic. If devildog has the same problem, I can probably get it to go away. I'm trying to sell the XJ so I'd like there to be no noises. The chatter is the only issue I've got with the truck, so it's worth taking care of. If anyone else has a different opinion, let me know, I'd like to get it taken care of soon. I hope it's just the linkage, I thought it was my front t-case output shaft or something. Thanks again everyone!