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New Engine is Hard to Start


NAXJA Forum User
I just put a newly remanufactured engine (4.0 L) in my 92 XJ.

I timed it according to the manual and various on line videos.

It is very hard to start. It cranks and cranks and cranks and feels like it wants to start but won't.

When it finally starts, it seams to run just fine. I installed a new distributor with the oil pump drive at eleven o'clock. At idle the engine seems to be firing AFTER top dead center, however when I rev it up it starts firing before top dead center by what appears to be an appropriate amount of advance (between 6 to 12 degrees BTDC).

It is not running hot on test drives and if warmed up will start much easier with only a few seconds (5 ~ 10 seconds of cranking).

Since there is no adjustment on the distributor, is it possible I have it set to say 10:55 or 11:05 instead of eleven?

When I test the pressure on the fuel rail it seems to have fuel and pressure so I don;t suspect a fuel pump issue.

Any other Ideas on what might be causing the hard starting?

Is there a more precise method of installing the distributor than simply guessing that it is set at 11:00?

Any help suggestions or ideas would be appreciated,