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super 35 kit...any good?


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just wondering if you guys have had any experience with the superior super 35 kit. i bought one for my 89 because i could not find a 44 at the time. figures after i bought and installed it i found a 44 for sale. mine is an 89 xj,4.0,auto, 4.5 rusty's lift, 33" pro comp x terrians, and some home brew skids. oh yea and the super 35 with a detroit in the rear. gears are stock for now,4.56 in the future. dd and some hard wheeling, trails rated 8 or lower. any info is welcomed
yeah i would much rather have a 44 in the rear. i called dynatrac to price out a rear 44 and a front 44...almost 8 grand for a set of 44's. too steep for me right now. i do plan on building a truss for the rear.
you rarely brake a shaft, but the detroits are prone to failing. you should be fine with stock greas though.
on stock gears you will probably have to replace the detroit when you go to 4.56's. the cutoff for gears is 3.73/3.93 so if you are lower numerically than 3.73 you will need a new detroit carrier to take the 4.56's. personally i would have waited till i found a 44 or ford 8.8 rather than buy the super 35 kit. the strongest it will ever be is as strong as a stock 44, and thats just the shafts. the housing isn't as thick so its more prone to bending, and the ring and pinion are smaller. if you drive smart it will probably last, but IMO not the best setup for the long run and will probably end up costing more when you go to try to upgrade. i don't think many would be in the market for that kit when they can get a 44 or 8.8. just my opinion though.
super 35 detroits
i haven't broken the one in my 44 and the only ones that i have seen broken have been those in the super 35 kits