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Summertown...Head count list..



I am coming in Fri night. I will have 3 more vehicle witrh me 2 TJs and 1XJ
If anyone wants to meet up in Lawernceburg and thenwe all go over to the park Fri night just let me know. We will leave around 6pm. Takes us about 2 1/2 hours to get there.

Weather forecast is 90% chance of rain today and tommorow with thunderstorms likely. Is the ride still on rain or shine? I don't mind a little rain but they're calling for 2-3" in some places.
Yes we are still on I know they are calling for flooding in some areas but they are also saying that it will clear off around lunch. So should be a good one.

Weatherchannel.com (which is WAY more accurate than anyone local around here) forecasts rain all day today and all day tommorow until 9:00 PM tommorow night. I had fun last time we rode in the rain in Summertown but it sounds like there will be more rain this time around. It would be nice to know that the ride is definite one way or the other by this afternoon before I spend a perfectly good Friday night working on the Heep for nothing. Just let me know, I'm game either way.
Well the rain stopped here this afternoon about 1pm but no clear skies...We are going to leave tonight and get a motel along the way get a good noghit sleep and hopfully see some of you in the morning. If it rains like it did here today will be no worse than the last time we were there. :lol: :lol:
I'm out. I tore my front end down tonight to get my steering bugs ironed out and found a u-joint cap has been spinning. I don't have time to get it all repaired so I won't be making it.
Although was a samll turn out we had a good time. 3XJs and a TJ for our group and then had 3 Sammies and several other vaious vehicle that joined in as the day went on. It was pretty nice weather till about 2pm then it started raining again and that did it in for us that were towing we quit about 4:30 and headed home.