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RTF Property work day update - looking for volunteers


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So the sierra chapter is looking for volunteers who can keep these weekends in June open to help work on the RTF property, we will be drilling into granite and also doing concrete work, so we need help with concrete as well on the way out sunday.

Edit: Min requirements will be 35s and at least one locker 2 lockers preferred. We have been told that "Granite view Loop" is 37s and up but we are lowering the bar a little. If you cannot meet the minimum requirements for this run and would still like to go please contact Alan, Mike, Gordon or me and we might be willing to make exceptions for certain rigs or certain folks or find you a seat in a rig.

Post up when you would be going in as well.
Alan and I are planning on going in thursday night.
From Ken at the RTF:

"So we've been talking about the trail marking, and we have 2 weekends picked out. June 11-13 or June 25-27. June 11-13 is our first choice, but of course this is dependent on snow. 2019 the first rig didn't get to RTF until June 15...so it's possible that it might not be possible. We should know by Memorial Day if the date still works.

Tyler and I had planned on marking the trail in 2 directions....2 teams, one goes one way and one goes the other and we meet in the middle. The teams could cross and continue on to see the other team's work and then everyone can say the "did" the Granite View Loop.

There's one other small project where I need some concrete and rock that we can do literally on the way out on Sunday. We'd probably need about 20 bags of concrete, there is water a short distance away and rock right there that just needs concrete to not move. If everyone took 1 bag, we'd be good to go. RTF will provide dinner on Saturday for everyone."

Bring a bag of fast set concrete

OK so give me a count of who all is in your party, since we need total food counts.

So far im counting 12 here, but I have not seen Rob D confirmed.

RTF will be cooking some tri tips for us for Saturday night. You will need to provide your other meals for the trip.

No clue, just bring regular ol C60 id say (regular bag of 60lb concrete)

Arrivals as I know it so far:

1.Gordon - 1 person - thursday night
2.Me - 2 people - thursday night
3.Mike- 1 person Friday night
4.Alan- 1 person thursday night
5.Josh jensen- 1 person thursday night
6.Twinhauler - 1 person Friday night?
7.Casey - 1 person ???
8.Justi Legace- 7 people( 4 adults, 3 kids) . Friday night
9.Eric - 2 people - thurs night or friday morning
10.Art- 1 person thurs night or friday morning
11. Ron Humphrey - 4 people
12. Aaron and amanda - 2 people but only one dinner - thurs
13. Chris stancil- staying at springs sat night, so no dinner

24 people so far on 6/7/21

Maybe :
Doc tremp

Robd - ??
9.Jeff jeepme- Friday- 1 person

Who else is going? And when? And how many are in your party ?

RTF property:
going down the indian hill slabs, as you get to the bottom of the slabs going towards buck, on the left hand side, there will be a sign that says RTF property in the tree somewhere.
We will be putting up signage at the turn off, but basically go down the slabs heading towards buck. turn left at the bottom. Buck is too far, you missed it by a good amount.

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Marked on the calendar :thumbup:
I'll be sure to mark it on the calendar.
Edited for Min requirements
I know I can’t make the 11-13 weekend. If it slides to the 25-27 I may be able to join.

If I come, I should be able to carry some decent weight or supplies.
i ll be there
I want to go...I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll be able to go.
I want to go...I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll be able to go.
Its going to be june 12th. Plan is the 12th . Unless we get crazy snow storms in may and early june