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Steering toasted, best options for new setup??

Well, I am putting back my truck back together after I layed it on its side. I basically was going too fast around a corner on a dirt road, slid into the woods which were on a hill, planted the front of my truck in the hill, the ass cocked up and around and the truck landed on its side. nobody hurt, 2 bent wheels, steering toasted, lower control arm mount bent at the "frame", other than that not too bad. Needs a windshield and some body work.

Ok, so the steering...it's shot. Should i switch to Rusty's tie rod steering conversion? $240 isn't bad. I assume I need a new steering stabilizer?? Not sure I want to go over the knuckle, don't want to spend a lot of money. Still running a D30 up front. Any suggestions on the setup? It's a daily driver and a moderate wheeler.

Some have said that the Rusty's kit works well for lifts up to 4.5". I've got 7.5", not sure if this setup will work for me.

Also, people have mentioned Big Daddy tie rods, but I still need a new drag link.

Any help on the optimum setup for spending ballpark $250 is appreciated.

Thanks, guys.
I guess it depemds on what you want. Do you need to have parts readliy available at NAPA or are OK with carrying extra specialty parts. A great solution for that amount of money is a DOM Heim setup which can be over or under the knuckle depending on how much labor you want to put into it.

Rusty's can be good, so can a $50 junk yard find of a ZJ tierod and draglink. In my opinion this would be a great way to use some of that money for something else you may need.
If it's a daily driver and moderate wheeler, just replace it with more stock parts and carry spares, tie rod and drag link. This is not the best way to go at 7.5", but no one makes a bolt on system that works well at that lift height. The only way to do it right is going over the knuckle, and $250 will buy all the parts you need if you have the ability to make it yourself.
I have Rusty's tie-rod steering, and at 4.5"-5" it was fine, but at 6.5"+- the drag link angle is kinda severe. A ZJ pitman arm would probably help in my case, but a OTK would be ideal.
If you weren't killing the stock steering before, and don't plan to keep dumping it around corners, just put on another stock system.

As Richard said, a heim based crossover would be nice, but not sure I'd do it unless you are planning on raising the trackbar. Rusty's steering will roll at lot at 7.5" of lift since the pitman arm is no longer attached directly to the knuckle and the draglink angle is very steep (it pushes down instead of to the side, which rolls the tierod before creating actual wheel movement. Net effect: large dead spot in the center of the steering).