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steering stabilizer swap


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Pensacola, FL
ok my stabilizer in my 91 is shot so i am replacing the o.e.m. with an o.m.e. i got the tapered bolt up top out and went on to the passengers side tie rod but after 5 minutes found that when i turn the castle nut, the stud is turning as well???? any thoughts as to what i should do before i try to write my own book about it? TIA
Take out the cotter pin??? JK bro, I remember that being a problem on my friends TJ. I believe he destroyed it while getting it out. I will have to crawl under my Jeep tommorrow to remember exactly what it looks like. Could you put a small tack weld on the bolt to hold it in place while breaking the nut free?? I willl crawl under my rig tom. and check it out.
similar problems

I am having a similar problem. I have gotten the castle nut off without much trouble, but now the stud is stuck in the center link. I tried using a gear puller to push it out, with no luck. Does anyone know the the stud is threaded into the center link? The Hyanes manual says that it should just pop out, but that doesn't look like the case with mine. Anyone who has replaced thier steering stabilizer have any tips that would help?