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steering dead vibration


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hey guys iu have a xj 8" lift skyjacker
and i have a horizontal vibration on the front axle
i changed the track bar and pittman arm alredy but the problem is still the same
some body told me that i have to do something with the tie rod
and stabilizer
can you guys give some info
will preciate all info
We could use a better description... what do you mean by a horizontal vibration? Under what conditions does it occur?
Lawn Cher' said:
We could use a better description... what do you mean by a horizontal vibration? Under what conditions does it occur?

also alignment specs, what tires, size, wheels, offset, any other details regarding mods to your Jeep...
it vibrate when its running at 45 to 50 mph
side to side vibration and i have to stop completly and start moving completely
dbr at jeepspeed
saids that is the track bar and pittman arm
i didnt change those yet they are stock
ive got the same problem but my xj is stock?
My friend had this happen with his stock '92. He replaced the steering stabilizer and voila! No more shakey shakey!

Check your stabilizer, if it is oily and leaking replace it. If you have over 60k miles and is is original, replace it.
Uh-oh, better ask Eagle... what type of wobble is this? Death or otherwise?
I had the same problem on my 98, with a 6" lift and 32's. Everytime i crossed railroad tracks are a few bumps in the road, the whole front axle would shimmy from side to side. I replaced the stabilizer and got my wheels balanced "AGAIN" and its pretty much gone now. I'm still gonna change out the TRE's though. Try the stabilizer at AutoZone ($25), it works wonders.
We still need more information than what you have provided to really provide any real educated solutions. First you said that you changed the trackbar and pitman arm, then you said you have not??

Any time you have shaking you first need to get the wheel's balanced well, make shure they are balanced and wheel's are not bent (try rotating also).

Also make sure that you have a good alignment and your castor is within a reasonable amount for a 8" lift (you will have to check with others on the castor setting for that high of a lift).

After these two things have been completed there is a long list of other remedies including but not limited to: Trackbar, Ball joints, TRE's, bushings, etc, etc, etc.