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steering box brace trackbar mount


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NAXJA Member
Port Orchard, WA
so, im looking at the xj and thinking...

the steering box brace grabs the steering box holes and keeps the frame from flexing...

ok - simple enough

the more stuff you grab with the brace, the stronger it is right?
what if i were to buy the TNT customs trackbar mount and make my steering box brace long enough to be welded to that?
im tihnking this would also help keep the trackbar inplace as well...
throw a few more bolts in sleved holes for good measure, maybe weld on a tab to grab the swaybar mounts?

or am i thinking too much and overengineering a little too much here?

anyone else go this route?

After tearing one steering box off the frame (and the ensuing PITA to patch it up enough to get out of the woods and a scary 350 mile ride home) I used a C-Rok inner/outer plate.

Considering the next project... C-Rok's kit and the SBS from JKS are both fine products, but like you point out, they quit a few inches ahead of the TB frame bracket.

Seems to me this gap becomes a weak link in the chain.

Making the front edge of a beefed TB bracket long enough to bridge the gap and join with a box plate wouldn't be a bad thing IMHO...

There is a little frame 'contour' issue to address: The frame starts to taper inward -towards the motor- maybe 3/4" behind the box plate... so at some point, there probably has to be a slight bend in the 'bridge' in order for it line up flush.
ill look into that contour...