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Some updates and some statistics


Tucson, AZ
Since 1 JAN, we've had:

  • 16 wheeling trips (This only counts ones that have been posted)
  • 7 wrenchfests (This only counts ones that have been posted)
  • 2 formal M&G's (This does not take into account the car shows that some have been attending)
JAN- 1 wheeling, 1 wrenchfest
FEB- 1 M&G, 2 wheeling, 1 wrenchfest
MAR- 1 wheeling, 1 wrenchfest
APR- 1 M&G, 2 wheeling, 3 wrenchfest
MAY- 2 wheeling
JUN- 3 wheeling
JUL- 5 wheeling, 1 wrenchfest

The CRAWL this year turned out to be a huge success, so thanks to the SEC BOD for organizing that.

In addition, Shrekie-Poo has started what looks to be a monthly SEC photo challenge. So far, they have had a lot of participation!

I've gone through and updated the Calendar of Events to make each entry standard so it looks better, is easier to read and just looks more professional.

The Sticky Index also has a little bit of new info in it; I added a section where we can keep track of the photo challenges.

When the SEC BOD started out their terms, the SEC only had $100 in its coffers. We have not increased that amount 3.5x!!!! You can see the treasurer report in the stickies.

I would like to add that we have got some new members lately, so the SEC is growing and we would love to have more members!

It's a team effort. Thanks to everyone in the Chatper for all the participation and support.