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SoCalXJ.com 17th Annual Jeep Jamboree


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heeeey you guuuuys.

WHAT: SoCalXJ.com 17th Annual Jeep Jamboree

WHEN: March 18th–20th, 2016

WHERE: Corral Canyon OHV Area and the Main Corral Canyon Campground

MEETING TIMES: Saturday 9AM @ Four-Corners Staging Area

TRAIL RATING: All levels welcome. See maps below.







1. Roll bar or factory installed hard top.
2. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e. tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are not permitted.
3. Tow strap or rope (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight).
4. Spare tire within close diameter of other tires
5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle & tools to change tire.
6. First aid kit.
7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored.
8. Seat belts for all vehicle occupants.
9. Battery hold downs
10. Emergency brake, parking brake, line-lock or other redundant braking system.
11. Antennas must be rigid or restrained in a manner to prevent injuries.

newbie disclaimer: this is not a NAXJA event, and we're not a typical club, so don't expect a raffle, t-shirts, or organization, but we have a lot of fun anyways. Although, sometimes there are shirts, every 5 years or so generic ones. We did a t-shirt run last year, so you're pretty SOL for a while. And we did have a raffle a couple of times early in the 2000s. We pre-date the so-cal chapter by many many years and we were also "established 1999", but we don't hold that against "you people." What do you mean "you people?" So many of us are "bi." Bi-forum. Also, I might have some stickers or other shwag kicking around, free.

Oh, and no, we don't have a Facebook group. We're old and crotchety and can't figure out how to get myspace on our flip phones. No, not really. What we have works (if you know how to work e-mail properly, e.g. separate gmail account for discussion groups, or hey, there's a web version of the forum on yahoo dot com then you can just turn off your email settings for the group). There are too many ways to communicate now. We don't need another one. If you like FB so much, why don't you look into SoCalZJ.com? I hear they have a FB group and love heated leather seats.

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It wasn't mentioned in the requirements, but it's a good idea to have some sort of mobile communications. If you are a licensed ham, that is preferred, but there will probably be some CBs as well.
It wasn't mentioned in the requirements, but it's a good idea to have some sort of mobile communications. If you are a licensed ham, that is preferred, but there will probably be some CBs as well.

That's a good one too. FRS (Family Radio Service) is another cheap portable option you can find just about anywhere.
Hey Mike, your PM box is full.
Got a rough headcount of 20+ people going to this. But I guess hardly anyone uses forums anymore. :D I'll be arriving sometime on Friday afternoon and leaving early on Sunday am. Come out for the day on Saturday if you can't do the whole weekend thing. 9AM four-corners for a quick drivers meet.

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of how you feel about them, I'm betting the rangers WILL be asking for forest adventure passes for every vehicle. They did last year. This is if you are planning on camping, parking, and using the facilities at the camp ground. If I remember correctly, day use/driving on the trails, it's not required. Ranger stations and some gas stations out there have them. This is not the place for a debate on them, go start a new thread on it if you want to chat about it. More exact info here … http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/r5/passes-permits/recreation/?cid=stelprdb5208699&width=full
Funny, I knew about it on the email list. Campers will need passes... Parking in the lot and running the trails don't require passes.
Packed and ready to head out as soon as my daughter is out of school
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics or video this year.
I ended up having an external trans cooler line wear thru and start leaking in Sidewinder. Quickly fixed by bypassing external ooler.
I'm pretty sure I broke a steering box bolt on Sidewinder that later resulted in all 3 bolts sheering off on Gunslinger. Thanks to Julio's wife for bring out and Kevin's spare steering bolts in his garage, the Jeep was fixed in no time.
How was it? Any pics? Stories willing to tell or does what happens at Corral stay at Corral? lol

It was a great weekend with beautiful weather, and lots of familiar faces. We had an easy run, a moderate run, and a hard run. I didn't get a count. 20 or so? 10-15 on the moderate, a couple on the easy, and a couple on the hard.

There's definitely some good stories, especially Sat after the trails around Dub's (Wallace) campground. There as some definite partying going on. But I think those should stay at Corrral. Haha.

Wish I took pics, but I was busy trying not to roll on the easy run.