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  • Hello FordGuy,

    Brian here, I asked you for some info about a year ago for my 94 XJ. Well, I went with the Teraflex simply because it was in my budget. The bad news is that on the very first trip out to the dirt after I got done putting the lift on the freaking motor blew. The guy I bought it from said it overheated once while towing and he put in a new radiator and it was "all better". Not so much, the block was cracked and the motor vapor locked on the freeway, the temp climbed super fast and by the time I got off the freeway it was way too late.

    I just put an ATK motor in it and things are looking good again, I had to wait 9 months to get some more semi disposable cash on hand though as this economy sucks. Just got it running last weekend and looking forward to getting it dirty.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice, my goal is to do what you suggested and get the gears and lockers ASAP. Oh yeah, and some recovery points since I have none right now.

    Thanks again,
    Brian Fulton
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