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SoCal Fest 2021 Event Details


Coffee Drinker
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Torrance, CA
Hi all,

Sorry for the last minute update on the whole event. But as you are all well aware the last 19 months have been rather unprecedented, with ever changing Covid restrictions, and fires closing our public lands. Which lead to the cancelation of the event earlier in the year. As of writing this, the event is still 100% going to happen come rain or shine (or snow). We are this year going to make some changes from the usual program.

-There will be no bon fire at main camp due to fire restrictions in place (If we secure a propane fire pit we will have that)

-Dinner will be hamburgers/hot dogs, etc (Same as years past)

-We will not be doing shirts this year, but we did have custom hats made and if you pre-register before the event, one will be included with your registration. Naxja Socal Chapter Store

-Trail runs will be organized based on attendance and who wants to lead a trail run.

*details are subject to change

Mark AKA Sidewaysstarion
Thanks Mark,
This is my first NAXJA event in a long time. You mention the dinner being hamburgers and hot dogs same as in previous years. How can I best contribute for this or anything else? I do not have a propane fire pit.
Are we meeting at the discovery center Saturday morning? If so what time? If Spencer and i make it we could try to take a group of folks. I can chat with you Mark Saturday morning.
Skruffy, Dinner tickets are 10 bucks for adults, we usually do burgers, brats, potato salad, green salad. It's bring your own beverage of choice. Bring a chair and an appetite, and if you want to bring something snacky to put on the table, feel free, but not at all necessary.

Parker, you will meet at the Discovery Center, I'm thinking 9:00 a.m. at this point.
I'm not wheeling this year, again, but it's pretty likely I will at least show up at the Discovery Center to see folks who are just there for the day.