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SoCal Chapter Event?


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Ok, so we are an official chapter !!! Congrats to us!!!

Now there comes the questione a chapter event.... looking at all the other chapters they have some really nice and established events: Winterfest, NacFest and couple others :) :)

I was wondering about where would be a cool place for us to have something that has a bit for everyone :) :) Reason I am asking about it is that we probably want to start planning a bit as well as try to decide on the date so that we can slowly start rounding up sponsors :) :)

I was thinking about los coyotes for a while, but from what I see it is getting too regulated :( pluis they charge $$$ for going in

Kejtar, how about a BIG BEAR trip, I know that many of us have been there but I have a Cabin, I would offer up to a few guys to stay at and I have a BBQ up there we could have a good old fashioned BBQ party and wheel the next day..
that sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure whether we would want to make an annual event around it :) :)
On that note I'm actually thinking about going up to BB again sometime in mid june so keep watching for that :)
true, true...an annual event probably wouldnt work, but It would work for a small group on a weekend event..
I agree, an official NAXJA Big Bear event would be good for a summer event (cooler in the mountains, and a kickoff event for the Chapter).

I have had a many as nine XJ's parked around my cabin in BB City (east end, near Paradise Road), so between two places in the valley we should be able to house a few participants. We can also plan a group campground (something that was in-planning on the SoCal-XJ list and has not seen activity for a month or two). Maybe we should set up the first "offical" event as a "Chapter Planning" event?

I think a spring JV or Calico Invitational event should be on the long-term future schedule plan, and a winter Anza Borrego or Truckhaven event (as well as a summer BB event). This would offer alternatives for the seasonal quarters when we can invite the snow-challenged ;) Sierra Chapter (much like they have invited us in the Summer to run their events).

An advantage of the SoCal membership is the San Diego members can help out with a warm weather winter event (AB/ISDRA/Truckhaven/LC), the Valleys/High Desert members can help with a high desert (HV/Calico/DV/Last Chance) location event (or Sequoia NF), and the LA-OC-IE members can help with central (BB/JV) events. The distance between areas should allow a local crew to plan and pre-run each event, to increase local member activity and gain local support (have fun without a big group), and not burden anyone with only distance travel events. The SoCal Chapter covers enough ground that we should be able to plan an event that offers an introduction to each of these three areas, to include local and distant members.

These are thoughts for a long-term vision of how the Chapter can work for members in the greater coverage area. Any comment?
Ed, where in BB is your cabin???

Mine is in Lower moonridge (off Moonridge road) only about 1 mile from the standfield cutoff, so very close to the trailheads.

I have room in my driveway for about 4 rigs, and there is an empty lot with a parking area in it across the street, room for about 4 or 5 more
I agree wtih you guys. Ed, I like the idea of seasonal events, also spread around our area. That's one thing I like about living in the South Bay, I'm kinda in the middle of our area (well, a bit west of the middle :)).

As I stand at the moment, I'm tied up until early June. But I was thinking an un-official "first run" in early or mid June, possibly to Big Bear. I'm still thinking about the location. I'm also going to be having something going on around June 21st, personally I'd lke to do runs both before that and then!

My plans are a run that is mild to medium. Most likey have it over a weekend, Saturday being the Green run where stock XJ's can come out and play, the next one being more advanced, but still good enough for mildy modified XJ's to handle (okay, that's self serving, let's just put it out on the table...I want the next day to be more advanced but still easy enough for MY XJ to handle it! :D)

Anyway, here I go again, rambling on, and on! Ed or Mike, if we do end up doing a Big Bear thing and parking in your driveway, I don't know your area(s) and all that, would it be cool for somebody to throw a tent up next to their car to sleep in?

Thanks guys!
zjmike said:
Ed, where in BB is your cabin???

My cabin is on Fairway Boulevard three houses west of Paradise Road (the last road crossing the valley floor before Baldwin Lake). Fairway parallels BB Boulevard on the east end of the airport, past the Ultramar and Community Market corner (Hwy 18 & Greenway Road). It's one of the old (70 year old) residential sections with the tall trees.
GSequoia said:

Anyway, here I go again, rambling on, and on! Ed or Mike, if we do end up doing a Big Bear thing and parking in your driveway, I don't know your area(s) and all that, would it be cool for somebody to throw a tent up next to their car to sleep in?

Thanks guys!

My cabin front yard is draught tolerant mineral soil (maintenance free dirt ;) ). Scratching out a level tent site is easy. Dodging the nut throwing territorial varmint population is more of an issue. The backyard is a mix of concrete and rock from Gold Mountain (hard and uneven). There are at least six bone racks inside the cabin (not counting non-mattress floor space).

Maybe a staging location for a leadership/planning run?

Hey guys you know that BB has the best fireworks show on the planet!! (or at least what I've seen of the planet):rolleyes: I will be camping up there from 7-2 to 7-6. I've heard the best seat in the house is from the mountains overlooking the lake! I allways see 4wd vehicles run up the mountain at dusk and see there headlamps for miles before the show starts!
Hey, I am some what new to the board and haven't wheeled with any of you yet, but if you plan a trip to BB let me know I am only about 1 hour from there and as close as 30 minutes to some of the trail heads. I know the area fairly well so if you need any info let me know.
Count me in too. I'm up to Any excuse to drive up the hill. My wife and I will run Clarks grade or make the run up from Converse Station just to go to Smokey's for coffee and jerkey. She wimpers about the "Edge" on Clark's. How many of you have other halves that will hit the trail with you? I know Sequoia does.
Other halves

Believe it or not but the B.B run in April was one of only handfull of trips that I've taken without the wife & kids.... Have you guys figured out when & where?
See Ya !
Curt (Xtreme XJ)
I have weekends off, so does my wife. Most of them. We also live close to BB (50 min. ) . You folks that have a tougher time off schedule or have a longer drive should be a priority.