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So I put on some S-10 Blazer springs on...


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Jing Zhou, China
I snagged the springs off of an old 2dr, late 80's s-10 blazer. I sanded, painted, and greased those puppies up. I was looking at my original main leaf, and discovered it was almost destroyed by the AAL. It had a noticible curve on each end, right before the eyes, right were the AAL sat. So I decided to try to use the entire chevy pack, main leaf and all. It is about 56" eye to eye, which is much longer than xj's. The center pin hole was also off (Stock is about 23" from the front eye, chevy's was about 26). So I drilled new center pin holes (extended the wheel base a little in the process), and went ahead and put them on. I was afraid that I would get to much lift, but I went back and added the smallest leaf from the cherokee pack to give me a little more. With a 2" lift shackle, I ended up at about 5-5.25"s. So they may not lift enough for some big guys, but for the smaller guys they are nice. The ones I got have three main leaves and an overload leaf, then I added one.

The shackle was the key. I am using the chevy lowering shackles that I picked up for $27 off the internet. They lift either 1.5 or 2" (two different holes). The shackle would hit the back of the hanger box until I turned it around backwards (they are like the Belltech shackles, so you can understand why they need to be backwards). With them backwards, I have about a half inch to spare between the length of the main leaf when flat, and the length between the front mount and the shackle as far back as possible. The shackle sits at a great angle at ride level, angled about 10-15* from verticle towards the back. The springs are too long to use without a longer shackle with plenty of clearence to travel back.

They ride VERY well, and it is a huge improvement over an AAL, Shackles, and Block. I'm going to have to revalve my shocks now and stiffen them up because the back is SO soft now. Got the springs for about 25 each from yard... seems to be the normal rate. The flex difference is night/day, and the rears don't over power the front springs nearly as much any more... feels much more balanced

Just wanted to let you all know my experience with the new S-10 Blazer springs. 3-3.25" from spring, 2 from shackles... and I'm happy with them.

Thanks for the info, Marcus.

That's an option I'll have to consider when replacing my Rancho spring packs (stiff..)

How are they w/a load? Corners at speed? How do your tires stuff?

I haven't noticed any difference in cornering. So far, I have only run it without any load in it, and it is tons softer than the stock pack W/ AAL. I revalved my shocks and stiffened them way up (with the softer pack, I was blowing through my travel when out in the desert) and it still rides better than before. It stuffs much better too. I'm still waiting for a digital camera, but I'll put some pics up when I get it.