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Sierra Fest Second half - Change of runs Fri/Sat


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Hi Everyone,

The BOD have discussing this and we made a decision on the changing the runs for the second half of Sierra Fest.

  • In order to make sure we get the raffle going on time for Saturday.
  • Less traffic on SR on Fridays, so we can relax and spend more time on SR on Friday and go front to back instead of rushing back to camp for the raffle
  • Do an easier run on Saturday to get back to camp early for the raffle and BBQ
  • Knowing that Slick rock is always packed with large groups on Saturdays

  • Free day, Relax a bit after getting off the Rubicon- usually go to lake Alpine. Last year was highland lakes. eat at Alpine lodge, do whatever you want. Enjoy what highway 4 has to offer.
  • Optional: Run Corral Hollow off 7N09

Friday :
  • We are moving Slickrock run to Friday the 13th and moving an optional Deer valley run to Saturday
  • We plan to have nightly Deer valley runs as people want to run it

Saturday :
  • 2 runs on Saturday the 14th - Sour grass for the faster, easier run
  • And Deer valley to the crossing and back (or all the way if you feel like it) for the slightly harder run.
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Sounds good.
I have always thought it would be a good idea to swap the runs for all the reasons you listed. Do you guys ever stop thinking about ways to make this, and all, Sierra Chapter events better? You must dream about them.

Thanks, guys!!!!!
I vote Thursday night run on Deer Valley to the top if anyone is in! I know I'll be itching for a run in missing the first half.. I'll be up Wednesday night after work, probably late but hopefully not toooo late ie by 10-11PM ideally, midnight worse case.