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Sierra Fest Raffle thread Aug 10th Hermit Valley


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As you all know the raffle proceeds all go towards our yearly land use donations. IN the past years we have donated 1000$ to 1500$ to FOF, FOTR, RTF, BRC, Fresno 4x4 just to name the more common donations once we include the national 500$ match and any proceeds from T-shirt sales. This year we want to beat that this year by a long shot and really up our donation this year .

So plan on bringing alot of cash to buy raffle tickets so we can really get that donation amount up there!!!

So in turn, we are working on adding additional vendors to donate this year, hopefully a handful of local vendors and we can get some great physical prizes in addition to the gift certificates we have been getting the last few years.

Here is a list of Previous prizes:

multiple 100$ TNT gift card
multiple 50$ IRO gift card
Various Ruffstuff parts like diff covers
Various vendor shirts and swag
Tomken rock sliders
clayton long arms
BDS full 3.5" lift kit
Brown dog motor mounts
Prime 4x4 50$ gift certificate
Napier Hood vents
and much more thats just what I remember !
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We are upping the game this year and bringing on many additional local vendors to the Sierra Chapter as well as some additional XJ specific vendors. Stay tuned !

So far we have the above NAXJA vendors and we have added as of this week :

  • Parts Mike
  • 4 Wheel Parts of Reno
  • Newmans Automotive

Working on getting :
  • Metal Cloak
  • trailforged offroad
  • Sneveys
  • K suspension
  • WFO

Also on the list to contact :
  • Performance Cryogenics
  • TK1 racing
  • Poly Performance
  • some Local breweries
We have more vendor prizes coming in this week for our annual Sierra Fest raffle !!!
Thanks to 4 wheel parts of reno for their generous donation!!!!!!!
Even if you cant get out to rubicon get your butt out to hermit valley for a super fun raffle and bbq and win some stuff !!!
Its a fun way to party and drink beer with a ton of XJ guys and wheel some trails!!!

10k synthetic smittybuilt winch!!
Pro comp led light pods
Pro comp rock lights
2 pro comp tire deflator
2 pro comp tire repair kits


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Thanks to newmans garage for their donation!!!

Newmans garage out of reno donated some prothane bump stop inserts !!!!
These are cool!! Stick em in your prothanes !!! Instead of ramming your upper bunpstop deep into your prothane and having to cut it off !!! You know whats up!!!


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Past NAXJA Sierra Fest raffle vendors:

Iron Rock offroad
Brown Dog
Prime 4x4
Dirt Bound Offroad
Iron Man Offroad
Thank you again everyone for coming! Here's a list of this year's raffle winners, don't forget to post pictures of your rig with your new raffle winnings!

More to come soon on the donation of raffle and registration proceeds.

Pre Registration Raffle:

Large compressor: Rob D
K Suspension XJ Leads: Matt N
D-rings, Shirt and Tow Strap: Sam S

Regular Raffle:

Pro Comp Rock lights: Tim D
Bombshell D44 Diff Cover: Gordo
Smittybuilt soft shackle: Dean W
Smittybuilt rapid air deflator: Gordo
Event shirt + coozie + stickers: Lou A
Smittybuilt tire repair kit: Gordo
Partsmike drag links, pitman arm and more: Billy
Smittybuilt Headlamp and D-ring: Gordo
Large air compressor: Alan W
Newman’s offroad bumpstops: EricsXJ
Shirt + coozie + headlamp: Matt N
Smittybuilt soft shackle: Jon (Twinhauler)
Newman’s offroad bumpstops: Joel B
Smittybuilt headlamp and D-ring: EricsXJ
Bombshell diff cover: EricsXJ
Smittybuilt 30’ Strap: Casey G
Napier hood vents: Billy
TNT $100 Gift Certificate: Matt N
Prime 4x4 $50 gift certificate: Alan W
Prime 4x4 $50 gift certificate: Sam S
Lug Nuts 8-lug disc brake kit: Tim D
Smittybuilt rapid deflator & Newman’s offroad bumpstops: Matt N
Smittybuilt soft shackle and Newman’s offroad bumpstops: Justin
K Suspension JK wiring upgrade + hat + stickers: Alan J
Pro Comp lights: Gordo
Newmans offroad bumpstops + soft shackle: Ryan
Smittybuilt Winch: Gordo
Hi-Lift mate: Matt H
LED Headlights: Ryan
Flushmount LED’s: Billy
Protire deflators: Lou A
10w30 Oil 5 quarts: EricsXJ
XJ Side Mirrors: Lou A
Rubber Floormats: Jeff M
Swaybar relocators: Sam S
Iron Rock off road D44 truss: Matt N
We acquired over 3500$ of total product including member donations, and we brought in around 2K$ in total raffle revenue.

Last year our raffle revenue was 650$, previous High that I can remember off the top of my head was around 1200$ or so. So we are getting much better at this!
Super awesome guys. Let's keep up the great work.