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Land Use Donations


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As the Sierra Chapter has become more and more active in hosting our own land use projects the past couple years, we figured its time to post a sticky thread about what we do and how much we've donated after a series of record years of donations and projects! :patriot: :sunshine: NAXJA

Here's a quick recap of the past couple years - former BOD members and members alike, please post up what you remember that I did not capture below and I'll add it to the running totals!

I'm going by what I have readily accessible in our account history from June 2019 to present. Donation dates may not directly correspond to the year the proceeds are from so please note the year of raffle/land use proceeds and donation amount, ie the Hermit Valley fire rings were installed in 2020 but funded from 2019 proceeds :read:

2018 Proceeds: $2,500
Donations of $2,500 to:
Rubicon Trail Foundation: $1,250
Friends of Fordyce: $1,250

2019 Proceeds: $2,261
Donations of $2,661 to:
9 Campfire Rings at Hermit Valley: $2,661 (Extra $500 match from national on top of the annual $500)

2020 Proceeds: $5,320
Donations of $5,320 to:
Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) after SierraFest: $500
Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) after SierraFest: $500
RTF Rotohammer for new property work: $320
RTF Donation for Signage at Tahoe side of trail + June Workday + future wagbag huts project: $4,000 ($2,000 match from National)

2021 Proceeds: RenoFest: $1,680, SierraFest: $6,230 = 2021 total of $7,910.. NEW RECORD!
Donations of $3,000 to:
Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno: $750
Rubicon Trail Foundation: $750
Blue Ribbon Coalition Legal Fund: $750
Friends of Fordyce: $750

2022 Proceeds: RenoFest: $3,690, SierraFest: $3,110 = 2022 total of $6,800
Donations of $6,500 to:
Hills Angels 4x4 Club: $1,000 (and Reno land clean up volunteer time)
Friends of Fordyce: $1,500 to help 2023 projects including winch hill 4 stabilization, committee trail, and erosion control projects
BlueRibbon Coalition Legal Fund: $1,000 towards legislative efforts to keep trails open!
Hi-Landers 4WD Club: $1,000 for 2023 Barret Lake trail maintenance and other projects
Joaquin Jeepers: $2,000 to be used towards Slick Rock trail maintenance and the "gauntlet" bypass trail.

2023 Proceeds: $6,500
RenoFest: $3,600, SierraFest: $2,900
Donations and projects pending...

Post up in this thread where you'd like to see the donations go and ideas for projects!

Look at the totals below.. we have raised more than we have donated towards land use projects which means we have some excess funds to donate, please send us your ideas! We're a non-profit organization and goal is to raise money (which we clearly have) and wisely use it towards value-add projects for which we are in need of more ideas and projects - this is a great problem to have thanks to you all so please send project and donation ideas to the BOD!

From 2018 - Present totals:
Raffle proceeds: $31,291
Donations: $19,981
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This is so awesome
Over $10K to land use groups during the past 3 yrs...way to go Sierra Chapter!
As an update to all, our RenoFest 2021 raffle brought in $1,680 in proceeds towards our 2021 land use donation!

What are some additional projects and/or donations with that money the club would like to see? This is everyone’s money to have a voice in how it’s spent so don’t be shy to speak up about what you like to see happen!

Hello everyone, I wanted to share up update long overdue! From our SierraFest raffle proceeds, the BOD will be making four donations of $750 each to the various organizations recommended from various avenues across the chapter which are: Rubicon Trail Foundation, Friends is Fordyce, Blue Ribbon Coalition, and Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno.

We have some more things queued up and will be posting soon!
awesome !
We also just did 500$ to the Hi Landers who maintain Barret Lake Jeep trail !

And 1000$ to the Hills Angels for the trail cleanup back in May!
Hello Sierra Chapter! I wanted to circle back and ask if anyone has any ideas they'd like to post up on what to do with this year's SierraFest and RenoFest raffle proceeds - let's hear your ideas and the BOD will put them in to motion!
See the updated main post with our 2022 raffle proceeds totaling $6,800! Please post up any additional ideas you have for land use donations and other causes and the BOD will put your ideas in to action!
Hello all, with some of our 2022 raffle proceeds we have made $3,500 of donations as follows:

$1,500 to Friends of Fordyce: Funds to help 2023 projects including winch hill 4 stabilization, committee trail, and erosion control projects

$1,000 to BlueRibbon Coalition Legal Fund: Towards legislative efforts to keep trails open!

$1,000 to Hi-Landers 4WD Club: For 2023 Barret Lake trail maintenance and other projects

As dates of Fordyce and Barret Lake project work days are firmed up over the winter, we’ll keep everyone up to date and post up how anyone interested can volunteer their time (aka labor) towards these projects to see our donation funds at work and help fellow off road organizations make our trails better for everyone!

We’re sifting through more ideas and 2023 projects to put the rest of our 2022 raffle proceeds to work, stay tuned for more!
Adding on to our 2023 donations with 2022 raffle proceeds..

We have donated $2,000 to the Joaquin Jeepers to be used towards Slick Rock trail maintenance and the "gauntlet" bypass trail.

We'll be working with the Joaquin Jeepers project manager to stay up to date on work days and project evolution and post up work days for anyone wanting and able to donate their time and labor to the projects a well.

Thank you all for your support of the Sierra Chapter to allow us to do what we do!
Can you add a running total “since 2018” near the top of the first post too? Impressive numbers!

Good idea, thank you! I've updated initial post accordingly with totals by year and running total.

As always from everyone, we're constantly seeking ideas for projects and donations to put raffle proceeds towards that are good use of your hard-earned money donated to the club!
We raised $3,600 in Reno! Adding this to our grand total - please post up any ideas of where you would like these raffle proceeds to go!
We raised $2,900 from raffle proceeds from Sierrafest - main summary has been updated with our total 2023 raffle proceeds totaling $6,500 which brings our running 5-year total to over $31k raised for land use projects and donations since 2018!!

Please send us your ideas for new land use projects or donations to a club or organization who needs funds to complete a project.

I'd like to set a goal for the Sierra Chapter to have earmarked the full $6500 raised in calendar 2023 towards specific projects and donations by November '23 so we can plan out calendar 2024 work parties/contributions accordingly.
Hello Sierra Chapter!

From our 2023 raffle proceeds, we have made a $1,000 donation to the BlueRibbon Coalition Legal fund!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our events to make this happen and mostly our vendors who donate products for us to raffle to generate the $s!! Please support them with your business to show our appreciation!

Also sending our thanks to the BlueRibbon Coalition for all they do to keep public lands public and promote responsible OHV use.
Quick donation update since the last post in September.

Additional donations from our 2023 raffle proceeds include:
Friends of Fordyce: $1,000
Rubicon Trail Foundation: $2,000

This brings our 2023 donations up to $4,000!!
Thank you to all of you that participate in the raffles every year which allows us to continue making these awesome donations to organizations that help maintain and keep our favorite trails open.