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Shock height??


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effingham, IL
ive got a 99 xj w/ 4.5" kit and 32's(i know i shouldnt have went down from 33's) and the lovely people at autozone only have shocks for a specific application. so no lifted vehicles. does anyone know what vehicle the shocks would work for. she said they can order gabriel and bilstein. i probably wont end up getting them from there but i wanted to price them.
if you have to order, why not order some shocks designed for a 4.5" XJ lift? Bilsteins are great and the 5100s run about $75-80 per shock. Avoid Rancho 5000s like the plague. The cheap Rusty's shocks I had many years ago weren't all that bad.
a_hiatt said:
im thinking skyjacker right now. ive never had a bad experience with them. im looking for like 40-50 a shock(or cheaper of course)
For that price consider Rancho RSX shocks. I've had a set and they've worked out real nice for me.
BrettM said:
Avoid Rancho 5000s like the plague.
Why do you say that? I've got the 5000's on my rig and so far they ride great! But I've only had them on for maybe 400-500 miles... Did you not like the ride, or should I be waiting for some type of catastrophic failure?
Hmmm...I must have gotten lucky. I thought I had heard the same thing about them, but on my rig they're great. It floats over potholes, cracks, even railroad tracks and you can barely feel them. They're also loose enough that I can stand next to it and rock it an inch or two side to side with one hand, yet body roll isn't too bad on the roads. I'm also sitting at just over 3" in the front (TeraFlex coils) and 5" in the rear (Tera AAL and Daystar 1" lift shackle). I think my suspension has a lot to do with my ride. All the springs are nice and flexy with plenty of travel in the leaves thanks to the longer shackle. So YMMV...
I've had the same experience as Brett with Rancho shocks. I avoid Rancho at all costs.

Stock YJ shocks work well on the front of an XJ with 4" lift. I'm using Monroe Sensa-Tracs and have been VERY inpressed with them. I like them a lot.

For the back I cut off the lower shock mounts and relocated them up onto the axle tube. This lets me use XJ stock length shocks and gets them up out of harms way.
When I was stock and then had a BB I always ran Monroe SensaTrac's. They rode great. If you use the YJ ones, a set of BPE's will take care of the bar pin issue... I'm running BPEs on all four corners with my 5000's and they made a difference in how the shocks felt. My dad runs Rancho RSX's on his Rubicon with a BB, BPE's, and 33's, and it rides smoother than stock. I've never ridden in an XJ with them though.

I can say that I've ridden in a LOT of vehicles with the Monroe's and have NEVER been dissappointed with the ride. They're pretty durable and cheap too!