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Serpentine belt problems.

Ray Doz

NAXJA Forum User
My 1993 Jeep Cherokee sport serpentine belt keeps slipping off towards the motor everytime I start it. I've tried everything I know. But the only other thing I can think of the new belt I bought isn't wide enough. What do you think it could be?
It a alignment issue with something not square/true.
Have you checked the harmonic balancer for movement?
ALL the bolts on the power steering pump tight?
How did you check the balancer?

It might help if you could get a second person to start it while you watch.

This is not a common problem. Something is definitely amiss. It may appear that everything is aligned, but I would bet something is shifting its position at start up. The harmonic balancer would be my first suspect. At this age, if it hasn't already been replaced then it is due.