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Seat Latch Broke


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Hey...I was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix this annoying problem I am having with my seats. Somehow (I don't know how) a floormat got stuck under the latch that holds the seat latched in. Anyhow...after getting that out, apparently the cable that runs from the pull switch on the side of the seat to the latch has stretched out after trying to use the seat, and now will not allow the latch to release and allow the seat to lean foreward...I wondered if there was any way to tighten this cable so that the seats will work. Thanks for all your help....Christian
the cable didn't stretch, it's the cable mount right behind the lever that bent.

you can actually "de-upholster" the seat pretty simply. on the laredo, flip the seat forward, there's velcro at the bottom of the seat back. from there, you can literally peel the center of the seatback apart. there are two rods going through the seat that hold the side bolsters on. if you look on the bottom, you can push them up a little, turn them and pull them out from the bottom of the seat. from there remove the recline lever (it just pulls off) and uncover the seat (you don't have to remove it all the way.

from there, you can see where the cable runs to the bottom and the top. make sure that the cable ends are seated ALL the way or else you'll have to repeat this. bend the cable mounts out until it pulls the cable tight (you may want to remove the cable, pull them past tight and then reseat the cable)

then, just reassemble in reverse order.

also, since it's an 88, while you're in there (and if you have a welder) the plate on the seat bottom that the back latches into is only spot welded on. run a full bead on each edge to hold it together better (mine broke off yesterday and left me laying in the backseat in the middle of traffic :eek: ) this is even more important if you're a big dude like me ;)
Hey man...thanks SOOO much for your help, it is pretty annoying pushing that latch with a screwdriver to get in the back seat. Unfortunately I do not have a welder...time to call in some favors from the guys at the MTU 4 wheeling club! Anyhow...thanks again...Christian