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Rusty's over the knuckle steering conversion


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Manheim Pa
Fits XJ, ZJ, TJ. Includes steering linkage, adjustable track bar(the track bar is about 3 inches shorter that stock because you have to move the axle mount to make room for the steering linkage), knuckle inserts, sway bar brackets and track bar axle mount bracket. It does require cutting and welding but it really does a nice job. I have it on my XJ now but am switching to heim style linkage when I put the 44 in. Rusty sells it for $490, I'd like $250 obo. email or call me 717 629 0580.

if that doesn't work, send me your email and I will send you some.
Actually, there are no good pics of the steering set up on there so email me anyway and I will send you some.

just wondering if the steering setup was still available. let me know and how well it worked for you. will you ship?

I'd like to know its weight for shipping...? would you take 200 shipped?
NecksXJ said:
i was wondering who made the long arm kit you had on your jeep cherokee

That would be Rusty's also. I really like it alot but if I did it again, I would look for a mounting system that let you drop the tcase out without removing the whole suspension. I think RE or Claytons are like that. The long arm does work and ride real nice. I would also do some more research and make my own next time too.