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Ok, after removing my rear wheels I noticed some rub marks. These are the stock wheels I run with 33x1250's.


I noticed one side on the rear rubs more than the other. I assume the axle is off center? And the front rubs on one side and not the other. Working on a adjustable track-bar now. These rims have 5.25" of BS correct? I like these rims and don't want to change them right now. Is a spacer an option or are they a band-aid for a bullet wound fix? They really do not rud as much as I expected and more in the rear than the front. Anythoughts or sugestions would be appreciated. Lift info is in the sig.
BTT Anyone have issues with one side rubbing more than the other on the rear?
Stock wheels are 5.25" BS. The one side rubbing in the rear could just be the body shifting side to side depending what yer wheelin at the time. I know 11.50 width tires are very close to rubbing on stock wheels, I could only imagine how close 12.50 widths are.

My suggestion would be new wheels, at least 4.5" backspacing.
Actually, one side rubs more than the other because of shock locations.When I was running stock mounts/ axles/ etc. I had the same problem. It turned out to be the way they are mounted that limits uptravel on one side. It's only like .25" or so, that's why nobody ever notices it.

Ok so what about some 5/16 spacers or are they a bad idea?
Oh yea I forgot to menting that I have no bump stops either. Front or rear.
Um, Its rubbing on the inside! Not the outside! MY 33's stuff fine and do not hit the fenders at all. But the tire rudds on the inner fender whells and the springs.
I personally would not recommend wheel spacers. But I would go with new rims and BS. Any reason you do not want new rims??

The other alternative is to limit your travel with bumpstops. This way you can keep your rims and tires and stop the rubbing.

Yea $$$$ and I hate Black Rockcrawlers! YUCK!
LOL! What's the bolt patern?
Two words Ghost-Man...

...Sledge Hammer! I'll help you when I come out there this summer, we can have a sledge-party! :)

Seriously though..contact American Racing, I believe you can get just about any of their wheels with custom backspacing.
You Bringing your XJ East? Let me know I'll run you throught some East Coast mud pits and bean fields! LOL! I think I'm jsut going to try bumpstops right now then go from there. I also want to wait on the rims b/c future plans for this rig include a V-8 and FS 9" and D44 which have a different patern. I only want to buy one set of rims.
Hey,I've got a crazy idea.......(you're saying :rolleyes: right about now,aren't ya?)

Why don't you try and find another wheel like the ones on that trailer I sold you and use those for a temporary fix? They're the right offset and bolt pattern and a used one could be had for next to nothing! Just trying to help!

I know,I know! You're really used to smart-ass answers and a whole lotta heckling from me,huh? Well,I'm just feeling nice today,so enjoy the moment! :D
Damn, I just realized that I participated in this thread! Nah, the XJ stays here on the West Side (or should it be West Siiiyyyde), taking a jet aeroplane there and renting a car. Going to Roanoke, then Charlston, WV, then rafting the Lower New River out of Hico, WV, then from there we drive down to North Myrtle.

Gonna have a few days in Myrtle, so c'mon down and have a few beers!