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RTF Property Looking for volunteers - NAXJA camp spot, volunteer work, June


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So I have been talking with the RTF and we are going to have our own NAXJA camp spot on the RTF property.

I also volunteered our club for some work on the RTF property to help install signage around 4.3 miles of trail on the property. And concrete.

And I am proposing to use club funds to purchase a Milwaukee fuel cordless rotohammer with Batteries to donate to RTF since they need one to install all of the signage for the roads around the property to drill into the rock and granite. I say we wait for black friday but they are currently 500$ and I think we should do it.

I also volunteered us to bring in 20-40+ bags of concrete into the RTF property in June to help with the road into the property. they want the main road in user friendly. the road inside the property has some gnarly stuff ive heard. Im thinking we get 1-3 bags per rig and get 10-20 rigs to go out sometime in May/June depending on weather and depending on when we will Open Up Deer Valley.

1. We need to get a group to wheel around the RTF property at some point and scout out and pick out our spot. It will our NAXJA spot that we maintain. Others can use it too, but we can also reserve our own spot as well. im going to get a map of the property that we can use with ONYX and maybe Avenza so we know where all the other camps are located while we are wheeling around. We will need to make a cool sign that says "NAXJA base camp" or something neat like that.

2. The trail around the property is 4.3 miles. Loon to buck is 4.6 miles. Its alot of wheeling just to drive around it.

3. When we pick a spot,We should put a lockbox at our site and fill it with tons of spare parts, tarps, maybe a EZ Up. Thats further down the line, but it gets me stoked.

4. Ive never ran "Lost Sluice" which is on the wentworth loop, we should wheel that sometime.

5. when we find a site, lets eventually put in a metal fire pit with a NAXJA sign similar to Deer valley.

Please post up your thoughts.
Dude, talk about going above and beyond! :thumbup::thumbup: This is awesome!
If I'm not out on travel, count me in for any volunteer work.
The RTF public campsite is just North of Fawn Lake. Would be cool to get a spot within walking distance to the lake.

Info on OnX map app...

I remember one year we tried hiking to Fawn from Buck Island but gave up too soon. Can't tell from the map, but there's a steep mountain side to traverse to get down to Fawn coming from Buck Island.
Art we would be picking a spot outside the public site. The public site is at the entrance. We would have miles of roads to choose from. But we also need to help with the roads
I’m totally in too and think this is awesome!!

I’m certainly up for a work week in June of however long to get things done and settled.

Also FYI for the concrete part, assuming 80lb bags, 40 bags is 1 pallet of concrete which is a lot! But like you said, spread it out and we’ll get it done. But if we can get like Home Depot or some place to donate a pallet, I can store it until we need it
Does anyone know What size rotary hammer would be sufficient for drilling through granite? 7/8”? 1”? Or do we need to go bigger?
I am down for June. Should be way more than enough time to get settled in the new place and get my jeep fixed. Worst case, I will ride with someone and just help with labor.

Need to get Matt Neff to keep an eye on that auction site for a job box for cheap.
Do we know what size holes they need for their signs?

I've only used a jack hammer on concrete and saw cut granite, but I imagine both sizes would suffice for drilling small sign post holes into granite. Obviously bigger=better when working on rock, I'd go with the 1" minimum, unless budget allows bigger. Also consider cost of a spare battery and bits. Speaking of bits, unless they already have other bit shanks in their arsenal, I'd go with the SDSmax (I think all the bigger hammer drills are SDSmax anyway?).

For drilling sign post holes with a small drill I imagine you drill a series of small diameter holes then chip/chisel out the rest, vs drilling one large dia hole? If so, will need both drill and chisel bits, and might as well throw in a vacuum too to suck out the debris. It all adds up!
Depending on when in May or June, I’d be interested in a work weekend. With Reno-fest and early season wet conditions, assuming later in the month, that would be cool. #StellaFTH4 has a 2” hitch if someone has a small trailer they would want to bring, or the back seat comes out.

Also, I expect before dropping money on a tool and batteries, we would confirm with RTF if they already have a system they would prefer to match, or is that already done?

Art, if the rock is that competent, I’d consider like 4ea 3/4” epoxy anchors and a surface mount sign, no? Maybe 1/2” diameter pins in a 5/8” hole 4” deep?
Yeah, I don't know. When Jon said signs I immediately thought (probably incorrectly) of a sign on a post. Come to think of it, seeing a sign on a post out in the wilderness sucks and is more prone to vandalism. They probably do what you said and attach the signs directly to the rock surface. Would be nice to find out if they have any preference on tools so we don't give them something they can't use.
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this is awesome!! I am also all in on any help needed.
We would drilling holes into granite and epoxying metal signage into granite.

Im thinking this one:

That drill is probably fine for up to 3/8" or 1/2" holes in granite. If you are setting relatively small pins in granite it would be fine. Note that you can get a 12VDC charger for the M18 batteries. That might be a useful accessory if someone doesn't already have one.

If you need to go bigger you might want to be thinking instead of getting a generator that can run a real rotary hammer. I have run up to a 4" diameter coring type bit in my Hilti TE76. That has been in concrete, but I would not expect granite to be substantially different.

The other way to go, and I have done this, is a star drill and a single jack. I set a gate post in granite that way. It was in the mid '80s. That gate has been rammed several times, but the post I set has held firm. But that is hard work and a literal hand full of blisters.
I am down for June. Should be way more than enough time to get settled in the new place and get my jeep fixed. Worst case, I will ride with someone and just help with labor.

Need to get Matt Neff to keep an eye on that auction site for a job box for cheap.

On it!
There is actually one coming up in the next couple of weeks that has 10+ job boxes in it. Ill keep an eye on it and see what they are going for.

Any idea how much we are wanting to spend on it?
I am in just let me know when. Before buying a tool make sure that you get the same brand as they’re using so we match the batteries. Nothing is worse than having two or three different batteries types.

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Yeah we ordered the milwaukee fuel rotohammer that is on sale. They currently use all milwaukee fuel stuff for their projects.
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changed it thanks