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Sierrafest and rtf property- bring chainsaw ?


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
If you can bring a chainsaw or loppers or a rake shove if you are doing the sunday bonus day to the rtf property. Not sure if we will even have time to work on the naxja camp sunday but hopefully.

We can have a fire at the main group camp but not the naxja camp or anywhere else. So we may or may not want to camp at the main group camp on the rtf property versus naxja camp. We can decide when we get there.
RTF main camp vs NAXJA spot

While we all REALLY enjoy watching Jon cook cornbread around the campfire, my vote is to camp at the NAXJA spot for these reasons:

- no NAXJA members (that I know of) have camped at "our" spot yet that I am aware of.
- it will allow us to spend more time there for whatever we want to do.
- option of completing the Granite View Loop on Monday before heading to Buck Island?
- there will be other opportunities for possible campfires during SierraFest like at the Springs and Hermit Valley. If not, I can have one in my backyard.

Just my opinion.