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Rigidco or C4X4 Rock rails


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Rigidco or C4X4 Rock rails

I'm getting rock rails and I'm going with one of these 2. I'm wondering if any of you have experiance or know of people who run both and which is a better rock rail. The C4x4 incorporates the rear leaf perch so I'm leaning that direction. I like the angled look of the Rigidco though. Any unbiased opinions would be greatly appreciated. I know we usually favor what ever we are running. Like tires, I think swampers are the best. That is because that is what I buy. If the truth be know it is because they are the cheapest. :gag:
I run Rigidco rails, as well as front and rear bumpers. Terry is a good guy and supports NAXJA, they donated a set of rails for the raffle in Moab last month.


I like my C4x4's. I had him custom mine up a bit. Basically just made some "pockets" or holes for the highlift to sit in without sliding off when jacking. He did not even charge me extra for this.

Here are some pics. They are WAY heavy duty, I love em. The only thing I regret is I had him not powder coat them (saved $25) which I ended up painting them (had about $30 in etch primer and paint) which took better part of an evening.... not so smart since I lost $5 on the swap. I would reoroder mine, just Powder coated.


good luck
I have C4x4 rails. They work great.
I have not seen the Rigico in person but form the pictures on the web sight...

Pro: I like the mounting better that the rigid
Con: The braces between the rail and 'frame' are flat stock and they stick down more that the tube braces. I have only hit them a couple of time.

Pro: A bit less loss of clearence. The angled mount is better crease the door edged of the fools that slam their door into your jeep:)
Con: 'Frame' mounting looks a bit less sturdy.
I would vote for Rigidco. I like what I have heard about the mount and angle. But I ordered a different brand due to the local trees.